Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30” Black Smoothtop Cooktop


Sleek and efficient at its best, this beautiful Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop is one of the trendiest electric cooktop by far. One of few items that are totally worth the price you pay, this cooktop is like none else. Now, the hassle of getting a gas connection installed can be done away with in style.


Measurement and Weight

This cooktop has a dimension of 21.8 inches x 30.8 inches x 3.8 inches (LxBxH) and weighs 45 pounds. While the size is just right and takes just a few minutes to install (professionally), the weight is a little hefty. Do be careful while installing it so that the glass panel does not get scratched.

Wooing Factors

Feasibility and Flexibility: Armed with four burners: one 2500w burner, two 1200w burners, and one 1800w burner, it also has features attractive enough that covers for precise and efficient heating system. The four burners enable you to cook varieties of food on the same cooktop in one go. Accusimmer facility is another nice feature to simmer sauces and keep food warm without burning it up. It is also perfect for simmering sauces and warming chocolates.

Aesthetically Appealing: The cooktop sports a striking, sleek look in sexy black. The smooth glass finish coupled with right dimensions and friendly controls, all located in a row in the right corner, adds to its appealing beauty.

Economically Healthy: Power consumption is relatively low with consumption of 3.0 amps when most other electrical cooktops consume 4.0 amps. This helps in saving money on bills; it is an additional advantage.

Low Noise-Level: Even with all four burners running, it has a very low noise decibel. Compared to other conventional electric stove that tends to be rather noisy, this sure is a welcome change. Moreover, it does not generate external heat in your kitchen.

Easy maintenance: This cooktop, made of eco-friendly Schott Ceran glass with dishwasher-safe knobs, lasts longer than others due to its high temperature resistance. The smooth top can easily be cleaned with a liquid cooktop cleaner and a soft piece of cloth.

Safety Indicator Lights: The light that indicates surface heat is an outstanding feature of this cooktop. The cooktop is safe for everyone at home because the heat indicator warns us if the surface is still hot. No more burns and tears.

Things To Think About

I admit, no cooktop is perfect. In addition to stating that, here are a few low points that may influence your decision making:

  • The glass surface of the cooktop can get scratches if you drag pots and pans over it. Although the cooktop is not all that delicate and you do not have to baby it, I certainly didn’t, do be cautious if you want prolonged, brand-new look and feel.
  • On rare occasions, the moisture accumulated at the bottom of the pot can discolor the cooktop.
  • The drips from the pans are not all that easy to clean if you let it cake over. If that happens to you, religious application of liquid cleaner will help the residue puff out. Do not use steel wool pads or rough cloth pieces and sharp objects for cleaning the cooktop.

My Final Verdict

This Whirlpool’s latest electric cooktop is rated as one of the best electric cooktops in terms of performance, price, ease of use, and efficiency in consumption of power. Comparing its merits with units of higher prices, it does work quite fine. In terms of value for money for its varied features, it is not a bad idea at all to buy this cooktop; every time you cook, you are saving money out of it. This unit will bring a combination of comfort, art, and style into your kitchen. If you want a classy electric cooktop with versatile prowess for everyday cooking as well as fancy cooking, this is the one.