WARING SB30 1300 Watt Review: Best Portable Single Burner

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Choosing the right cooktop is very important. Depending on the type of food we cook, we have certain needs and desires about the way our cooktop should operate. There is a wide range of cooktops available in the market today, and finding the one to your liking from that wide range of assortments is less fun than cooking.

Making the right choice without having to go through the laborious task of scanning through a whole list of cooktops; if that is one of the things you want, here’s one good choice, if it helps.

WARING SB30, 1300 Watt Portable Burner is one among single burner cooktops, which I have found is very easy to use and maintain. It delivered amazing cooking results from the first use, took me more like just an instant to adjust with its operation.

If single burner is not one that you were looking for, it is also available in two burner elements – Waring DB60.

Why I Chose WARING SB30 Burner 1300 Watt

Keeping an extra cooktop has become very essential for every family. Owing to its portability, ease and efficiency, this cooktop has caught the attention of many kitchens. Since it is small in size, it is convenient to be used anywhere even for outdoor camping and fun, provided the campsite has electricity hookups.

  • The cooktop has a firm polished stainless steel body that makes it look beautiful and has the sturdy feel. It was delightful to think of adding the polished look to my home décor.
  • Build-in adjustable thermostat to select the right temperature for cooking different items.
  • The cast-iron plate is of durable quality material and therefore ensures efficient and consistent heat supply.
  • It has an “On” and “Off” indicator light that will render much convenience while cooking.
  • This cooktop comes with a 6 feet cord, which makes it convenient for use even without an extension cord.
  • It comes with a 1 year limited warranty so that if you find the product defective, you can ask for a replacement or even return it.

Charming Features I Have Always Been Looking Out For

With interesting features and amazing quality, it offers the absolute cooking experience I have always craved for, especially when outdoors.

  • It has a firm solid stainless steel body that cleans up easy with a polished shine.
  • With the adjustable temperature settings, elaborate cooking will come off well.
  • The cast-iron plate heats up instantly for fast cooking, and it can also retain heat when turned off so that food will not get cold too soon.
  • This cooktop is easy to use. Anyone can easily handle the cooktop without any difficulty.
  • Because of its portability and the compactly designed structure, it is fairly adequate for use in homes, offices, inside college dorms or studio apartments, or outdoor sites.

Operating the Cooktop

Firstly, you have to make sure that the cooktop is resting on a flat, solid surface for firm control. Before using the cooktop for the first time, it is important to heat up the device at the maximum temperature for approximately 4 minutes without cooking anything. This will clean the cast-iron plate and make it ready for use. It may smoke a little while using it for the first time, but that is quite natural, the smoke will die within a few minutes of use.

Little Care and Maintenance Tip

A little extra care is necessary for making your cooktop last. The device is built with a firm, polished stainless steel. But do not use any rough scrub-materials like steel wool pads on any part of the surface for cleaning as it may leave scratches on the body. You can easily clean it with a soft piece of cloth or sponge and this will take you a long way if you stick to being gentle to your appliance. Besides the burner is fixed and not removable for cleaning, use a piece of cloth for cleaning it.

Final Verdict: A Must Have Cooktop For Multipurpose Usage

As stated above, we all look for simplicity with quality in a product. This cooktop is one such package that every kitchen needs. It is a cooktop you can definitely rely on for all types of cooking. I have to admit, this cooktop cost a few more extra dollars than other cooktops available on the market. But, considering the quality, I’m pleased with the high performance it delivers. Many users suggest going for this product instead of the cheaper ones because having to replace it after a short period of use is far more irksome than paying a few more bucks for reliable quality.


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