Double up your Cooking Speed with Waring Pro ICT400 Cooktop

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If you are thinking of setting up a new pop up kitchen in your very own apartment, this is one decent cooktop to start with. With the ceramic glaze, my Waring cooktop has a fine touch and yet boils water in minutes and gets my meals cooked in a jiffy. Think of quick start-up breakfasts and quick-snacks before or after work, this is one perfect option; the ICT400 double induction cooktop.


A decently sized induction cooktop (14.25” D x 23.5” W x 2.5”H), perhaps not big enough for big families but surely makes a great pair of extra burners. Fast and versatile to get me through my rush hours, it is a perfect fit for my apartment though. Designed for convenience, it is fairly light in weight (7 Pounds) and handy for regular shifting or moving to make space in a small apartment.

Key Features

This portable double induction cooktop is one cool addition to my apartment setting. Discover the neat features Waring has equipped it with.

Waring Pro ICT400 Double...
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Waring Pro ICT400 Double...
  • Uses up to 70% less energy than conventional cooktops
  • Left burner: on/off, 8 heat settings, 150-minute timer; Right burner: on/off, 5 heat settings, 150-minute timer
  • Heat shuts off automatically 30 seconds after pan is lifted off
  • Safe, exhaust-free and flame-free cooking; Even heating – no hot spots
  • Must use with induction-ready cookware

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Perfectly Set Induction Burners

Waring Pro ICT400 double induction cooktop has an ideal set of induction burners; counterbalanced functionality that lends the cooktop so much versatility in cooking temperature. The two burners have different heat settings, the left burner with a more extensive temperature setting (8 settings) ranging from 1200 Watts to 200 Watts, while the right burner takes the mellowed 5 temperature setting ranging from 600 watts to 200 watts. It is more than adequate for me to cook my favorite meals during weekends.

The 2 and half hours timer setting with bright LED display comes in handy especially when on a tight schedule, having to squeeze the chores and the cooking in, all at a time. Note that I can set the timer for each burner independently, so that I can have two different settings for two different dishes I cook on the two burners.

Safety Features

Induction technology on the other hand lends it high energy efficiency as well as fast and precise heating system. Delivering at such high temperature, it is easy to get ones temperature control out of hand, and yet I never had to worry about this because it has quick precision and well secured safety features as well. I only got to learn to work swift enough.

Waring Pro ICT400

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Induction technology makes the Waring pro induction cooktop 70% more energy efficient than normal cooktops and moreover another utility of the induction technology is that the cooktop can auto-shutoff instantly as the cookware is lifted out from the burner. Thereby making my apartment far more save now from fire hazards. Undoubtedly flame free should be a safer option in that one apartment of yours too.

Minimal Power Usage

Managing power usage is one of the major concerns in urban settlements. If initially I thought I had spent a little more over what I could have usually settled for, I quickly realized my investment was worth it. Because induction cooktops have almost no energy wastage, besides being highly energy efficient, I knew I was saving so much every day.

With just 120 volts needed to cook on my new Waring pro double induction cooktop, my worries of extravagant spending have completely waned.


What’s more, having used my cooktop for almost a year, I have learned to trust the Brand. The cooktop has the exact specifications I was informed and it works well enough like the way I expected. The manufacturer supposedly offers a limited 5 Year Motor Warranty. Five years is a big deal, ain’t it? I hardly know any appliance that has been guaranteed to survive 5 long years of daily usage.

Why I chose This Cooktop from the Whole Assortment of Cooktops in the Store

Yes only recently did I realize the pricing is better online but as I recall what initially drew me to this cooktop was the bold black finish that I fell in love with. And I still feel very glad that I chose to obey my first instinct at the store. It would have been far less appealing to install one of those slightly less expensive conventional electric cooktops which would in fact be less efficient.

And as much as I like the smooth glass top, I love the convenience in cleaning the cooktop surface; takes just an easy swipe with a damp cloth to get the surface gleaming clean again. Moreover, NEMA certification ensures stainless protection from corrosive agents like moisture and water.

I love the fact that it is safe and flame free as well as exhaust free. Waring pro ICT400 induction Cooktop is one cooktop that I will definitely recommend to any of my friends and relatives. In an age pressed for time, a cooktop handy as this is a must have.