Thermador SGS365FS 36” Gas Cooktop: Style With Performance

Last modified on November 25th, 2020 at 8:23 pm

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The Thermador 36” gas cooktop is a fourth generation star burner with five powerful burners. It has continuous grates for pots and pans to glide smoothly. The powerful 16000 BTU makes cooking easy and fast. It also comes with blue backlit knobs to indicate that the cooktop is on and is dishwasher safe. Moreover, it also comes with auto electric ignition system. The high performance it delivers is praise worthy. The magnificent design and technology is a fusion of science and arts.


Who Should Buy Thermador SGS365FS?

This wonderful creation is the result of the fusion of art and science. Its performance is the primary reason why I fell in love with this cooktop. If you are raising a large family, this cooktop is likely the kind of cooktop you would want to consider.

The one thing that I just admire about this cooktop is the flexibility and its versatile quality in cooking different varieties of food on a single cooktop. Speed heating is another additional element of interest and an essential component. The angular design is thoughtfully created to make this cooktop a masterpiece. So, if you are the kind of person who looks for style, performance and quality, this is the right choice. This is an excellent choice for a big family or for those who love to throw weekend parties often. Speed and performance is the talk here.

Five Key features of The 36 Inch Thermador Gas Cooktop

  • Continuous grates allow pots and pans to glide smoothly across the cooktop
  • Automatic electronic re-ignition
  • It is designed to have small cold spots
  • The knobs are made of high grade quality cast metal
  • The blue backlit knob works as an indicator that the gas is on


It has a beautiful angular design for those who love the fusion of art and technology. The central burner is 16000 BTU, which is powerful enough to boil water in a few minutes. The blue backlit knob is very helpful for forgetful people because it indicates that the gas is on. The cooktop is dishwasher safe.


The cooktop is a little costly compared to other cooktops with similar features.

The cooktop does not come with built-in griddle in spite of its high price, which means you have to spend a few more dollars again.



thermador__sgs365fs_36_cooktopMy final Opinion

Considering the modern style, efficiency, speed, ease of use and effortless cleaning, this Thermador cooktop is rated as one of the best 36 inches gas range cooktop in the market. The control settings have wide ranges of settings to give accurate temperature control while cooking. When it comes to speed, you will never be disappointed with a 16000 BTU central burner for cooking your food quickly.

The star shaped burners distribute the heat equally with less cold spots. You save a lot of time while cooking and also while cleaning the cooktop. What more can you expect? Of course, the price is a little high if your budget is tight. But, shouldn’t the quality of the product meeting your requirements matter too?

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