The Best Electric Cooktop In The Market

electric_cooktopLike the feisty child in the orphanage that won’t get picked when kept alongside other kids, electric cooktops wallowed for a long time beside gas cooktops. And then, the smarter brother, Induction cooktop, came along. Induction cooktops, just a teeny-weeny bit smarter, just a wee bit more refined, and just hits people in the right way, more than electric cooktops ever could. Life couldn’t get worse. Or so it thought.

But there is hope. For some people, this misfit is the perfect fit. The people who go for electric cooktops typically does not have to bother with installing gas lines or break their heads over which cookware to use. These people also know that there are good ones that are worth installing and investing on.

Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, there is an increasing list of innovative electric cooktops with better and advanced features materializing. Of late, it has gained momentum both in design and functionality. The introduction of energy-efficient electric cooktops is one area that people has welcomed with arms wide open. Like any other product in the market, some are just better than others. This is the case with electric cooktops too.

No one has time for hit-or-miss trial runs, and this is where we come in. We hand-pick each electric cooktop that we want to test after thorough research and then verify their claimed functionality. Considering their pros and cons and not ignoring the features and advantages of each product, we have provided in-depth electric cooktop reviews on the best electric cooktops available in the market today. For variety, you can also check our list of the best gas cooktops in 30 and 36 inch sized gas cooktop. We know many families goes back to gas cooking from electric cooking, and even more families moves to electric cooking from gas cooking. I’d say it’s a personal choice.

List of the Best Rated Electric Cooktops – 2015

Check out, read more details about each product, and then make the best choice:

  • Whirlpool W5CE3024XB 30” Black Smoothtop Cooktop


This cooktop is sleek, easy to install, produces instantaneous heat, affordable when compared to other high-end electric cooktops with similar features, and highly recommended by consumers. The hot surface indicator light is a very innovative setup.


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  • WARING DB60 Portable Double Burner

The most attractive feature that has drawn many customer’s attention to this cooktop is – it is Energy efficient. It has adjustable temperature control knobs with 5 settings and both burners are sealed, which eases cleaning. This is one of the most versatile Electric Burners today and is in high demand.WARING_DB60


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  •  WARING SB30 Portable Single Burne

Starting a fire from scratch for cooking purposes while at a camping site is one of the most challenging waring_pro_countertop_portable_burneryet crucial tasks for campers. Worry no more! With the introduction of Waring SB30 portable Single Burner, all your cooking needs will be taken care of. This 1300 watt burner is sturdy enough for big and heavy cookwares and heats up fast enough for speedy cooking.


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  •  Broil King CSR–3TB

This single burner electric cooktop is a favorite among people who love camping and live in smaller Broil_King_single_plate_CSR-3TBhomes. With self-leveling legs, sturdy build and short cycle time, this is the one product that can make all the difference to your cooking experience. This lithe and incredible cooktop have emerged to be one one the hottest selling cooktop among single, portable cooktops.


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