Cooking on the Spot With Single Burner Gas Cooktops

Last modified on November 25th, 2020 at 8:23 pm

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Gas cooktops with Single burners are characteristically ultra portable and with the availability of gas canisters, these cooktops call for much convenience in transporting. Customers on the lookout for single burner or double burner gas cooktop are usually most interested in the portability.

Keeping in mind the size of single burners, we know that the space saving factor is significant too. Installing one does not need us to compromise much on countertop space in the kitchen unlike the like the 5 burner gas cooktops and therefore perfect for table-side cooking.

Single gas burners are a favorite among outdoor enthusiast and the homely kitchen cook as well. Be it outdoor cooking or indoor cooking, gas happens to offer far more versatility in cooking than electric cooktops. Typically used at buffet stations, catered events or as an extra barbeque burner. Gas burners are actually considered one of the must-haves because it comes in very handy at times of power cut emergencies.

Here’s offering you our list of specially selected list of cooktops you can pick your choice from:

  • Bayou SQ14

Bayou-Patio_classicYou don’t get many gas burners in the market that are portable as well as sturdy. This cooktop is sturdy enough to support stockpots. It also comes with very friendly and responsive controls. Perfect for picnics, smaller homes, canning, and patio use.

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