Rosewill’s 1800-Watt Induction cooktop with Five Pre-Programmed Settings For Precision Cooking


In all honesty, I was not a fan of induction cooking or induction cooktops, without any solid reason. I quite like cooking and swear by gas cooktops because that was what I grew up with and is what I am most comfortable with. My husband travels often for work and most serviced suites that he is put up with had induction cooktops. After every trip, he comes back and tells me about how induction cooking is way friendlier and is apparently the most happening cooktop.


So, like any sane person, to prove him wrong, I went ahead and ordered a Rosewill 1800-Watt five pre-programmed settings induction cooker cooktop. It is a single burner cooktop and comes with a nice pot which I thought I could use even if I throw the cooktop out.

Delivery day came, and I opened the package. The pot was quite nice, as advertised. I placed the cooktop on the counter, plugged it in, and poured water into the pot. Holy smokes! It started bubbling within 2 minutes and was in full boil in no time. I had a lot of re-thinking to do after that and even tried a variety of dishes according to the settings mentioned; they all work just so well. Here are a few takeaways from my experience.

What I like About This Cooktop

I think I take comfort in seeing the flame go up or down when I do my cooking through a gas stove. Interestingly, I am beginning to like the fact that induction cooking is flameless and that the pot heats up just in the pan area. In addition, when it comes to this Rosewill 1800-W induction cooktop, I am quite impressed by the heat precision when I change temperatures.

You get five pre-settings that has been correctly set for boiling milk or warming soup. You can also stir vegetables or toss salad left overs with olive oil for a healthy breakfast or fry anything that you fancy. The best part is, you can also make hot pot items. All of these without the worry of which temperature to set when, perfect for amateur cooks.

In addition you have eight temperature settings clearly indicated on the front panel, which you can adjust as per your cooking needs. I love the fact that such a small induction cooktop has such varied temperature options.

The control panel is quite easy to navigate, in fact, it is self explanatory and you will get the hang of using it in no time. You can locate the power button quite easily and this cooktop also comes with indicative LED display that is very helpful. I also like that fact that this cooktop has a very sleek finish. The beautiful polished crystal plate surface looks very classy.

For such a small cooktop, I have realized that cooking time has significantly reduced. I have given good rest to my range for some time now and use it only when my children come over for the holidays or when we have family get-togethers.


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Suitable for All Types of Household

This cooktop is suitable for any place where cooking happens regardless of how frequently you cook. This cooktop will also be perfect for hostel life or in smaller apartments. Heck, I feel that this will be the perfect cooktop for people who live alone and survive mostly on ramen, but worry not, you will be able to do way more than just cooking ramen. You can even host a hot pot party.

Things to Note:

  • You need magnetic cookware. To see if your cookware is compatible, just stick a magnet on the pot and see if it stays.
  • You may want to wait for the fan to turn off completely before you switch off the main power cord. This will prevent the fan from malfunctioning.
  • A flat-bottomed pan is definitely friendlier than round-bottomed pans. Your cooktop may not even recognize your cookware if the surface area connecting between the cooktop and pan is too little.
  • Clean off spillovers as soon as cooking is done with a clean soft cloth or sponge and soapy water to prevent residue from building up.
  • Never use rough cloth or steel wool while cleaning the cooktop surface as it will lead to scratching.

Product Specifications

Features Details
Color Black
Power Consumption 1800W
Power Supply 120V~60Hz
Size 14.8 inches x 11.73 inches x 2.36 inxches (Width x Depth x Height)
Weight 8.60 pounds
Dimension of the pot Opening size: 10.83 inches, Bottom size: 7.6 inches, Depth: 3.54inches, Capacity: 3.5 quart, Weight: 2.2 pounds
Safety Compliance ETL/FCC certified




Final Thoughts

Yes, as you can very well guess, my husband never fails to tell the story of how I tried to prove him wrong only to fail so miserably. It has become a good family joke now, and I don’t actually mind hearing it. Now, I am planning on investing and upgrading my range to a five burner induction cooktop. If you are skeptical about induction cooking, try with a small cooktop such as this Rosewill 1800-W induction cooktop and see for yourself. The benefits may quite surprise you.