Review on Top Selling Broil King CSR–3TB Electric Cooktop


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With advancing technology, electric cooktops are featuring ever more innovative designs.

The Broil King Professional Hi-Power Burner Hot plate comes in a sturdy built stainless steel body. I like to cook outdoors a lot and so I think this cooktop is one of the good choices I have made. As long as you have an electric outlet, there is no problem; it goes almost anywhere with its hard plastic leg-stand.

Yes, I find it ultra portable. Probably one of the reasons why the cooktop came to be on high demand very recently, especially from students.


With bold edges, the cooktop has a professional look. Weighing like 7 pounds, this Broil King measures 14 x 12.2 x 4.2 inches in dimension, which means it doesn’t take much countertop space. And the cord is a standard 3-prong grounded one, comfy easy to have your cooktop stretching as far as 3 feet away from the outlet.

What’s Actually Unique About This Hotplate

Though the Hotplate may seem a little pricey, when we consider the unique features it is quite worth it. Made in the US (Connecticut), this Hotplate sure guarantees manufacturing standards.

  • It has a considerable high speed tubular heating element. The 8 inch (diameter) burner is made of quality coil.
  • With Robertshaw Thermostat, it provides infinite heat control and so it is much easier to maintain the desired temperature when doing an elaborate cooking.
  • The On/Off rockers switch for the main power supply does rock, just getting your hands on one will show the robust feel.
  • Built with durable stainless steel molding and quality coil which gives a wonderful cooking experience.
  • It has a built-in safety light that indicates the cooktop is still ON or still cooking.

Some Whatnots from Experience

I would like to share certain things from experience that I think are worth noting.


  • First, although its specifications mentions that the cooktop has a 120 volt coil which is supposedly meant to draw out 1500 watts, I have seen that it pulls just 1425 watts every time I check on the watt meter which means the energy consumption is not as high as it was expected.
  • Over the years, I have grown to love cooking on this hotplate because the temperature control is easy and ideal for my cooking. With sturdy built, the coils always maintain a steady temperature even as it changes from one level to another. It is really one’s style of cooking but I do prefer the steadiness rather than instant change in temperature.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, it is equipped with Robertshaw Thermostat; the controls are amazing. It works far better than most units I have used.
  • There are four heat settings low,Warm, Med and Hi. While simmering works great while warming food, I sometimes need to boil up water swiftly. On the maximum temperature, I get to boil 3 gallons of water in just 10 minutes on this cooktop.
  • Cleaning is easy. Built with a stainless steel body, it cleans up shiny clean. Besides, the drip tray can be detached from underneath for cleaning, so that you can ensure a very hygienic home cooking.
  • And note that while you add that polished look to your kitchen, you can also ensure safety in your cooking because you will find the indicator light shining as long as you are cooking on it.


  • The hard plastic legs tend to slide around the countertop. But I do not mind it because you can always remove it. In fact, they are self leveling legs that create a stable cooking surface, so however uneven your outdoor counter top may get it is good to go.
  • There is no inbuilt fan. However, the cooktop has adequate ventilation on the sides and on the back as well, so the body remains fairly cool. For some, this comes as an advantage because it cuts out the noise.
  • Shut off mechanism is not automatic, the safety light blinks but just to remind you that the cooktop is on. You will need to turn it off manually when cooking is completed.

Service Provider

As mentioned, the manufacturer is reliable and whats more, the manufacturer offers a whopping Two year Warranty, which makes purchasing the product risk free. You can contact the service provider mentioned according to your region in case you have any issues at all. But you will realize your purchase is worth it, once you get the cooktop and get cooking anyway.

A Reasonable Consideration

If you are in need of a handy Electric Cooktop for cooking, you should make it Broil King Profession Series3TB. It is solid and very reliable and serves its purpose well. It certainly makes a great option for outdoor cooking while on picnics and family outings. And yes, on thanksgiving day; you better be prepared for outdoor cooking when you are busy with the turkey and the stuffing.

Compared to other models and the old units I have owned, I like this hotplate well enough to recommend you. If you are searching for a good electric cooktop, this is a good choice to renovate your kitchen with and make use of the added advantage of it being portable, too.

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