Remarkable GE PHP960DMBB Profile 36” Induction Cooktop Review



Technology has boosted our living standard and our kitchens are no exceptions in this development. GE Induction Cooktop is one such innovation that has enhanced our way of cooking to greater heights.

The conventional gas stoves have been replaced with latest technology of Induction Cooktop which makes cooking more easy and convenient.

GE PHP960DMBB is no longer in production, checkout GE latest and best selling Induction Cooktop – GE Profile PHP9036SJSS 36″ (5 Burners)

Why GE PHP960DMBB is considered to be the best rated Induction?

  • This Cooktop provides 19 Control Settings with multiple power levels that ensure precise temperature control for exceptional results and performance.
  • Control Lock capability helps to avoid accidental operations when handled carelessly.
  • It has 5 elements which is the most powerful element available in the market.
  • It has stainless steel surface that makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • LCD display for power level indicator which makes it easy to handle and operate.
  • The control location is placed in the front Center which makes it very convenient to operate without any constraints.
  • Cooktop surface is made of clear metallic glass ceramic which looks so elegant.
  • It has 5 hot surface elements with indicators.
  • Functionally it works much better. It Heats up and cool down immediately.


What are some of its Drawbacks?

–          Some have opted for lesser burner to avoid space constraints; however it’s an excellent choice for bigger families and for those who are using it for commercial purposes.

–          Price maybe an issue for smaller families, but it’s very reasonable compared with the other Model which has lesser burners with little difference in cost.

–          It’s not portable and convenient however; most Induction Cooktops are installed in kitchen for family use though there are some other exceptions.

–          Power Input is a must for operating this Cooktop, if that has been taken care it can be used anywhere for any purpose.

Why should you opt for this PHP960DMBB 36” Induction cooktop?

  • It has 5 Burners of different size which provides flexibility for cooking different dishes under one Induction. That makes it more easy and convenient while cooking. This GE cooktop is also available in 4 burner (GE PHP900 DMBB 30″) which has the same features.
  • Electronic touch controls Digital buttons are precise and easy-to-use for great results which are more convenient than our ordinary gas knobs.
  • Child Lock control is an outstanding feature that attracts housewives in purchasing this cooktop. It releases their headaches from safety precautions for their children.
  • Pan Presence Sensor Element shuts off if no pan is detected, giving you additional peace of mind and its very helpful for those who are absented minded or forgetful.
  • Kitchen Timer is another attractive feature of this Cooktop that makes you more productive and efficient in cooking.
  • Temperature control is just excellent and fantastic.
  • The speed of heating is amazing it surpasses gas and electric in speed and in control.
  • Parts Warranty for one year, which makes it more trustworthy.
  • Servicing Warranty for one year from the date of purchase which takes care of servicing if all required.
  • GE Customer supports are friendly and very co-operative.
  • For claims and certifications it is ADA Compliant.

Final Thoughts

I have done in-depth research on this particular product and have gone through customers review in regards to this model. I am deeply convinced that GE PHP960DMBB Profile 36 ̎ Black Electric Induction Cooktop is one of the best Induction I have ever come across. I will strongly recommend this Cooktop if you are looking for an efficient, convenient and most elegant Induction Cooktop for your kitchen.

I have purchased the above model from Amazon with special discount. I am very impressed with this method of cooking. The speed and precise control of the heat applied to the pan is awesome. The unit itself is of high quality. Hope you will enjoy the same when installing it in your kitchen.

GE PHP960DMBB is no longer in production, checkout GE latest and best selling Induction Cooktop – GE Profile PHP9036SJSS 36″ (5 Burners)