NuWave Titanium 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Review


NuWave has already produced a range of portable induction cooktops to meet your complex cooking needs. NuWave is a trusted brand and manufactures better cooktops with time. It is human’s nature; that we always seek the best or we always look for something better. Thus we have better choice like NuWave PIC Titanium 2015 Model Year 1800 Watts to meet our needs which is an upgraded model of NuWave PIC2.

Portable induction cooktops are very popular these days for being efficient and compact. They are helpful as an extra burner in every household and are perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use. Because of their compact portability design, easy to use controls and advanced modern features, portable induction cooktops have become a preferred choice for many kitchen.

Specifications & Upgraded Features of the New NuWave PIC Titanium

Firstly, this new package arrives with a complete set of NuWave PIC Cookbook, Play and Learn DVD and a quick reference Cooking Guide Book. These items are provided to assist you in cooking different kinds of food, help you set the cooking temperature for different food items and other controls. With these provided accessories, there is less chance of making mistakes while cooking or handling the cooktop. It will assist you throughout you’re learning phase.

TPIC_Titanium_2015his new model is also one, among other portable cooktops that provide highest power of 1800 Watts. The power energy is efficient and boils water in minutes. It provides you different cooking temperature as much as 94 settings. With these many different temperature settings, you will find the right cooking temperature for whatever food items you cook.

In this latest model, NuWave has upgraded with 5 degree temperature increment; making it a total of 15 degree increments compared to 10 degree increments of older versions. This is an important upgrade as it will solve overheating issue. Now, you can cook at high degree temperature without the cooktop being overheated repeatedly.

The delayed shutdown feature of the NuWave PIC Titanium is an excellent feature. Induction cooktops automatically shut down itself when you put down the cooking pan. And suppose, if you are not done with you’re cooking, you will have to restart the cooktop and go through the temperature settings again. But it is not so with the NuWave Titanium delayed shutdown feature. This cooktop waits for you for 10 seconds before shutting down itself.

This cooktop has a larger cooking surface compared to other portable cooktop models and consequently provides larger heating surface. It can accommodate bigger/larger pans and the larger heating surface will cook faster than usual. The top surface has a diameter of 12 inches while the heating surface is 8-inche in diameter.

Above all, this cooktop model is designed for durability with tough material and a shiny look. The
manufacturer stated it is designed to last for 13 – 15 years in average. This latest model is the best bet if you are looking for portable induction cooktop as of now (Click for discounts).

NuWave Titanium 2015 Model at a Glance

  • Highest powered 1800 Watt portable induction cooktop.
  • New delayed shutdown feature.
  • Upgraded degree temperature increment.
  • Larger cooking surface and larger heating surface.
  • Precise Increased temperature settings.
  • Up-to 100 hours cooking timers
  • Made to last-13 to 15 years average.