NuWave PIC2: The All New Portable Precision Induction Cooktop


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NuWave PIC2 Induction cooktop are one of the best-rated cooktops available in the market at a reasonably affordable price for such awesome features it comes with. Thanks to modern technology for the wonderful concept and creativity to make kitchen chores hassle free and enjoyable.

5 Super Features of NuWave PIC2 Single Burner Induction Cooktop

  • Excellent precision temperature control settings
  • Flexibility to cook varieties of food at different temperature settings
  • Programmable memory setting for complex recipes
  • Delay function program
  • Space saving round design for small kitchens


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We all know that food taste best when it is cooked at a precise and controlled temperature. If you are the kind of person who has the passion to cook a variety of food that requires diverse approaches for different meals, this  one may just be the best portable induction cooktop among the cooktops I have reviewed so far. It has the facility to set complex cooking recipes from its memory settings which last for over 100 hours.

I love to do my cooking in complete control in order to get the desired result. This cooktop allows me to set the desired cooking temperature by setting the control. It has 52 temperature settings ranging from 100 ͦ – 575 ̊ Fahrenheit. The temperature level can be adjusted at an increment of 10 ̊.

In addition to that, it’s a multi-purpose cooktop that can deep fry, grill, boil or barbecue. It’s a never-before kitchen solution for those who love excellence in taste, comfort and style.

Moreover, the delay function program allows you to cook food by delaying the program that you originally planned to cook at your convenience.

This rounded shaped cooktop is portable and saves a lot of space in small kitchens. Read our NuWave PIC reviews and comparisons if you’d like to compare all its models.


After reviewing this single burner induction cooktop and Comparing it with other conventional gas and electric stove, NuWave PIC2 exhibits minimum risk of accidents in the kitchen due to absence of open flames and auto power shut off system. The conduction stops the moment the pot is removed. So, there are no more worries of kids getting burnt. This rounded shaped cooktop requires minimum space for storage.

It is eco-friendly because there are no open flames or smoke. When compared with other induction cooktops it produces less noise while cooking.

It saves time and energy, which means you are saving more money out of it. The memory program which lasts for over 100 hours is another outstanding feature of this cooktop. It helps you cook complex recipes from the set program.

You have less effort to cook more tasty food in lesser time due to its precise temperature settings and speed.


Semi flat and rectangular pots are not friendly for use with this cooktop. You need to buy rounded and flat bottomed cookware.

The auto power shut off safety may not sound very comfortable if you flip food when cooking as the power shuts off automatically the moment you remove the pan.



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My Final Thoughts

The compact and stylish round shaped NuWave PIC2 saves space in small kitchens. There is no open flame and smoke and hence there is no danger of houses catching fire. Many worried parents who have concern for their small kids would be left tension free from getting burns from this cooktop.

The memory program is an added advantage of this cooktop for people who would like to cook complex recipes. There are no open flames and smoke, therefore, it is eco-friendly.

It is easy to operate with a clear LED display. This advanced technology cooktop is available at a reasonably affordable price, which every household can afford to own.

Considering all these merits of safety, energy efficiency, speed and ease of use, you should not waste another minute looking for another cooktop. Before buying, your wise decision today matters in the long run.