NuWave PIC Reviews and comparisons – Gold/Titanium/Platinum

Portable or single burner cooktop is not only the choice for small kitchens, offices, dorms, RVs or boats. They are becoming very popular as extra burner for every home.

Among the popular single burner induction cooktops, NuWave PIC (Precision Induction Cooktop) is certainly getting a lot of limelight. They’re indeed high-quality induction cooktops but would you call it the best cooktop? Let’s find it out.

What makes NuWave PIC so popular?  

NuWave induction cooktop is a popular choice not just for the ads on TV but arguably for their approach to deliver uncompromised quality and must-have features in its segment. Be it a first-timer to induction cooking, someone looking for an extra burner, or those who need a versatile portable cooktop, NuWave PIC series is a good start.

Comparisons Table – NuWave PIC Flex, Gold, Titanium and Platinum

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Presently, there are four single burner NuWave PIC models available in production – PIC Flex, PIC Gold, PIC Titanium, and PIC Platinum. And there is one double burner model – PIC Double (which we’re not covering here).

We strongly recommend buying those models in production for better support and warranty coverage when grievances arise.

NuWave PIC Review and Comparison – In-depth Analysis

What about NuWave PIC2?

The manufacturer had stopped producing NuWavePIC2 which is similar to the PIC Titanium model except for the temperature increments and heating area.

NuWave PIC2 temperature range is adjustable in 10°F increments it’s 5°F increments for the PIC Titanium. The heating area for the NuWave PIC 2 is 9-inch while it’s 8-inch for the NuWave PIC Titanium. NuWave PIC Pro is another discontinued model.

Present NuWave PIC models in production:


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Nuwave PIC Gold[maxbutton id=”48″]


Nuwave PIC Titanium

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Nuwave PIC Platinum[maxbutton id=”50″]

NuWave PIC Review: Burners

As always, we like to start with the burners. After all, that’s mostly the reason why we’d consider a cooktop in the first place.

Based on our research and experience, a portable cooktop of at least 1800-Watts is not just desirable but more suitable to fulfill most home cooking needs. This is particularly true if you’re looking for a good extra burner to supplement your high-end induction cooktops or using such portable cooktops regularly. Higher wattage means faster cooking.

Yet again, a 1300-Watt is just fine if you don’t prepare your meals in hurry. There’s hardly 10 – 15 seconds of difference between 1300-Watt and 1800-Watt burner when you boil a liter of water. If it matters, you know what you want.

When you are searing your meat, poultry or fish you’d like to cook at high heat, 1500-watts cooktop may be just ok for the job but 1300-watts cooktop is likely to disappoint you.

This is the reason why we prefer the NuWave PIC cooktops with 1800-watts for most home cooking. Both NuWave PIC Titanium and PIC Platinum offers 1800-watts which are more desirable over NuWave PIC Gold and PIC Flex with 1500-watts and 1300-watts respectively.

On the other hand, we recommend 1300-watts and 1500-watts cooktop for using it in the dorm room or office. Without proper ventilation and range hood, you should avoid searing in high temperature which produces lots of smoke and possibly trigger the smoke alarm.

NuWave PIC Review: Accurate temperature controls Comparison

We really like the accurate temperature controls of NuWave induction cooktop. Precise temperature control is very important for almost every meal we prepare. This is one advantage of induction stove over top rated gas stove and electric stove.

Low temperature cooking is as important as high temperature cooking. Low temperature is essential not just to avoid burn foods while slow cooking but also to keep your food just warm. It works great a warming plate.

Most of the portable induction burners do not go as low as 100°F. As for the NuWave PIC cooktops, they can cook as low as 100°F and as high as 575°F, except for NuWave PIC Flex with a maximum temperature of 500°F.

There are six pre-programmed temperature setting which you can select at a press of a button. You have the option to select Low (100°F/38°C), Med Low (175°F/78°C), Medium (275°F/134°C), Med High (375°F/191°C), High (425°F/218°C) or Max Sear (575°F/302°C).

Remember that, with higher wattage you can achieve the desired temperature in a shorter period of time.

Wattage settings

You can control the wattage settings of NuWave PIC cooktops at a press of a button. Depending on your needs you can simply press a button to select different power outage or watts. This is an awesome feature to control the power of your cooktop.

When you need to cook fast set the power outage to the maximum watts. And when reduced power is needed while cooking in an RV, a dorm, or a boat, all you need to do is press the button.

Cooking surface and heating area

The cooking surface and heating area varies between the NuWave PIC Flex and the rest of the models. The cooking surface is 10-inch and the heating coil or area is 6-inch in diameter for the NuWave PIC Flex.

For the rest of the models it is 12-inch cooking surface and 8-inch heating area. Note that some of the information given on Amazon is incorrect.

There is no problem using pans and pots up to the size of the cooking surface, despite a smaller heating area it gets evenly heated to the edges in seconds. All the models can hold a total weight of 50lbs which is very impressive for a portable cooktop.

NuWave PIC Review: The design

Why is the cooktop circular in design? Well, you must have notice the circular design and wonder so comparing to other portable cooktops.

Unless I’m on griddles, most of my pots and pans are circular in design. For this very reason, we always have a circular heating area despite the cooktop’s surface being square in design. Circular cooking surface of the NuWave induction cooktop helps to reduce unwanted space that doesn’t have any use.

Safety features

Safety always comes first, and this is particularly true for electrical kitchen appliances. Safety features are also very important when you’re buying appliances for the elderly people and when you have children at home.

NuWave precision induction cooktop ensures optimum safety measures.  The timer fuction is a nice safety feature which automatically shut off the cooktop after the preset time has elapsed. When you’re away from the cooktop or is multitasking, timer function is a convenient and a helpful feature to use.

Auto pan detection is another safe way to ensure that the cooktops is not active accidentally when no pan is detected. When you lift a pan while cooking, it pause the cooktop for up to 10 seconds and if you don’t replace the pan within 10 seconds you’ll need to press the start button to resume cooking and it’ll shutoff the cooktop automatically when no pan is detected in 70 seconds.

Auto shutoff is a built in safety feature which shut off the cooktop automatically if internal temperature reaches 230°F. You’ll hear a being sound and error code E7 on the display screen.

Other features

NuWave PIC cooktops are all equipped with 100 hours of memory that allow you to prepare complex recipes like a professional. With the latest PIC Platinum model, you can save up to 150 recipes in addition to the 50 pre-programmed recipes.

Delay start is a feature will start the cooktop for set programs at a later time even when the cooktop is turn on. Using this feature you can boil eggs, vegetables or other simple meals without your presence at the time specified.

There is a one year manufacturer’s warranty from defects under normal use and 30 days money back guarantee if you buy from Amazon. You may also get free frying pan included on some models from Amazon sellers. Click here for available offers on Amazon.

It’s very easy to clean, I just wipe it with paper towel after every use and it’s good to go. we suggest that you clean the cooktop after each use for durability. All the models are very compact and easy to carry.

The PIC Platinum also features a remote to control your cooking temperature. It’s a nice feature that adds convenience when away from the cooktop.


Owing to its design, NuWave PIC cooktops won’t fit square pots and pans. For example, most griddles and grills are square in shape and it won’t properly fit to PIC circular and ergonomic cooking surface including other square pots and pans.

We feel the controls are overwhelming for the latest model – NuWave PIC Platinum 30401. These control buttons are taking too much space without much utility. I don’t always cook foods using timer function, so the numeric buttons are unnecessary in most cooking scenario for me. All those numeric buttons should be on the remote control. However, the control buttons are appropriate with the other models.

Peeling of buttons sticker over few months time is another issue, the prints become less visible or invisible and operating the cooktop gets difficult.


NuWave PIC induction cooktops are reliable, powerful, ergonomic in design and very efficient. Unless you receive defective units, NuWave PIC cooktops are worth the money.

This is also our #1 recommendation for those of you dipping their toes in induction cooking before buying a full-size induction cooktop. You’ll get a good hang of it.