Nesco PIC-14 Review: Portable Induction Cooktop-1500 Watt



Does simplicity and convenience matter much in your cooking zone? If your answer is yes, then this Nesco induction cooktop could be one of your top preferences. We spend a considerable number of hours cooking everyday and it is always a good idea to spice up your kitchen. Chances are, your passion for cooking will be enhanced with an inspiring kitchen as such.

Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop 1500 watt will give you a new cooking experience. It sure did amaze me with a new zeal for cooking. The functionality was one of sophisticated simplicity rather than complexity that suited me more than ever. Unless you’re looking for multiple burners like Bosch NIT 3065UC, this cooktop is one ideal choice for portable cooktops.

All that I needed; portability, digital control, user friendly, easy maintenance, safe, and energy efficient came in one elegant package. It has a ceramic glass top that makes it look glossy and easy to clean. This product comes with 5 temperature levels and the control panel with a LED display gives easy control over it.

Striking Features of Nesco PIC 14

I happened to notice that the cooktop was made with some of the latest technologies; equipped with features very appealing for an obsessive cook like me. Getting to choose the one cooktop right for me has been rare as far as I know. And yes, for a busy working mother like me, the portable Nesco PIC-14 Induction Cooktop featured as one perfect option for electric cooking.

  • Single induction burner with induction surface as big as 10 inches in diameter.
  • Automatic pan detection.
  • Comes with 5 different temperature levels- warm/melt, simmer, boil, fry and sear. They are precise and you can pretty much cook anything you want on it.
  • It has a digital control button with LED display.
  • Sleek and smooth design that also cleans easy.
  • This device comes with a test magnet so that you can easily detect which of your old cookwares are compatible for induction cooking or even take it along with you to the market to choose the right pot.

What are the Advantages and Benefits

  • The first point to be noted is that this cooktop is portable and user friendly. This makes it very convenient to move the cooktop around whether in the kitchen, at office, or outdoors.
  • Induction cooking ensures safety because there is no open flame. And since the burner does not heat itself up unless ferromagnetic cookware is placed on it, both you and your children are safe from burnt fingers.
  • This device can detect pan presence automatically. So even if you take the pan down and forget to switch it off, the device will automatically switch  itself off and hence, energy saved.
  • Another advantage of this cooktop is that the control panel is on the front side of the unit. So even with a cooking pot on the top, you can easily control the setting.
  • Since the energy supply is very efficient and instantaneous, this cooktop cooks food much faster as compared to the conventional style of cooking. Hence you save lots of time and energy.
  • Also, since the cooktop itself remains cool even while cooking, greases or spill-overs do not get burnt, the glass surface is easy to clean with just one gentle swipe.

What Type Cookware Works?

Choosing the right cookware is very important because not every cook-pot is compatible with induction cooking. I found many people confused about which type of pot to use. If your cookware is not ferromagnetic, your induction is in fact as void as ‘good for nothing’. Now the question is how to choose the right cookware.

The good news is that Nesco PIC-14 comes with a test magnet so you have help at hand while choosing the right cookware. Place your magnet on the bottom of the pan and if the magnet sticks, you can use the pan.

Cookware made of cast iron, steel, enameled steel or stainless steel will give the best results. Cookware made fully of Copper, Aluminum, and glass, are not compatible. Also, a cooking pan with flat bottom is more effective because the cooktop has a top flat.

Ultimately a Practical Opinion

Certain user reviews seem to share the same experiences as I do and as much as our cooking styles differ, our opinions may differ too. But with experience I did develop my own set of estimation, too; I have recognized certain weaknesses (overheating) and its bigger strengths.

  • If the cookware happens to exceed temperature limit, the heating zone may get heated to a certain extent, then it will apparently shut off by itself which is in fact safe. And when that happens, it is essential that the cooktop cools down before you operate it again.
  • And sometimes the internal appliance tends to get heated if you do not check the power flow, in which case it shuts itself off automatically too. Check that the vents are clear of obstruction too. I usually unplug it from the main power. Once it cools down, it will work just fine again.

Besides all the benefits and the special features it offers, what I like most about Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop 1500 watt and what most of the customer like about the cooktop is that it has great heat consistency. Moreover the temperature precision is amazing; I have been able to cook almost every one of the most delicate dishes I know. To consider it, the instantaneous heating is just incomparable to any other gas or electric cooktop I have used so far. I love it so much, I would not mind buying another one. It is fortunate that the pricing is very reasonable. And I might as well really get it very soon, specially for all my outdoor cooking because there appears to be incredibly good offers recently on the online market.