Must Have Items For NuWave Portable Induction Cooktop Owners

Efficient cooktop is a necessity item in every modern kitchen. Preparing food or cooking will be more tiring and can become a tedious chore if you have a bad choice cooktop in your kitchen countertop. Therefore it is important to know your cooking needs and choose the right model accordingly. Today, NuWave is a recognized brand that has produced a series of highly efficient portable induction cooktops.

If you happen to own a portable cooktop of any model from NuWave, or if you are interested in obtaining a NuWave portable cooktop, you should consider investing on the following items. These must have items are solely made for NuWave cooktops (from the same manufacturer) to meet your everyday cooking needs.

NuWave Oil Trip Tray Cast Iron Grill

Nuwave Precision Induction Cast Iron Grill With Oil Drip TrayNow enjoy your barbeque with this cast iron grill in your home or patio perfect for meat, fish, steaks, etc. It is designed to fit accordingly with your NuWave portable cooktop. This grill (check price)has a dimension of 11 x 15 x 1 inches. It is built with thick cast iron to distribute even heat and finished with porcelain enamel coating for non-stick and shiny look. The griller can withstand heat as high as 662 degree F. It comes with a detachable own oil trip tray that can gather a capacity of 0.2 liters. It also has a steel handle for your cooking convenience, which can also be removed. If you own NuWave induction cooktop, you’re going to love this round shaped grill.

NuWave Cast Iron Induction Ready Griddle

NuWave Cast Iron GriddleThis is another item worth buying for NuWave cooktop owners. The griddle pan (check price) is 10 inches in diameter and perfectly fits any NuWave cooktop. Also made from high quality cast iron, it distributes heat evenly. There will be no more burnt pancakes, burnt sandwiches, etc. with this griddle pan. It has a nice long handle for your support, which may get hot when cooking in a high temperature. It comes pre-seasoned and so is non-stick and will last you a good number of years.

7 Piece NuWave Induction Ready Cookware Set

NuWave Cookware Set- Silver-7 PieceIt is a much needed, very useful set of cookware for any portable induction cooktop owners. This set (check price) includes 10.5 inches frying pan with handle, 5.5 quart stock pot, 2 quart sauce pan with handle, 2 quart sauce pan with handle, and 3 glass lids also with handle. The pans/pots are hard-anodized and non stick. The sides of the pans have aluminum housing, but the bottom base is made of highly induction compatible material for constant and even heat distribution. It looks elegant in design and the shiny finishing will complement your kitchen equally.

NuWave Padded Storage/Carrying Case

NuWave P.I.C. Padded Carrying CaseThis padded NuWave case (check price) is designed to protect your precious cooktop from outdoor contact. When not in use, you can put it inside the case and store it safely. This case serves best when you plan for a vacation or when cooking outdoors. It is made of good quality material and is waterproof. It is designed in two way carrying style- a long shoulder strap and a short carry strap. Not only that, it has a side pocket for carrying stuffs like cook book, food recipe, etc.