Micro Induction Cooktop – Cheap yet efficient portable induction


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The best low end black Micro Induction cooktop with no less efficient as the high end is the ultimate solution for your kitchen if you don’t want to pay too much money yet get efficient, powerful and safe portable cooktop.

The micro induction cooktop is truly one of the best cooktops with impressive technology. It is efficient, powerful and safe with lock setting. The clear LED display easily detects incompatible cookwares on the unit. It is easy to clean and the fan does not make much noise. The dual power setting in watts and temperature is awesome. It is excellent for low and slow cook. This is truly a value for money cheap portable single burner induction cooktop. Therefore, the micro induction cooktop in black is considered one of the best at low-end price for its rich features.

Five Top Features Why You Have To Settle With This cooktop

  • Cook and warm dual function from 1 minute to 8 hours is one of a kind feature of this cooktop.
  • Control lock, which is also a safety device for children as well as accidental changes of setting.
  • There are seven power settings at a different range of two hundred from 100w-1300w
  • The power control panel is touch sensitive and easy to operate.
  • There are 13 warm settings from 100 -390 degrees Fahrenheit


The six inches induction disc gives direct and stable heat to a larger area of the cookware, which makes searing of meat more even and easy. The lock feature is both a safety device for children and accidental changes.

If you have set the timer and the temperature lock, it will remain in the lock position unless you unlock it. While it is being locked it will only display the time left to cook and the temperature setting alternately. So even if you hit the buttons accidentally, there won’t be any changes in the system.

The spilled food is not easy to clean in conventional cookwares like electric and gas stove but this cooktop can be cleaned easily as it is made of smooth ceramic glass.

The heat is concentrated only at the bottom where magnetic induction takes place. Therefore, you don’t have to fear for burns even if you touch the cooktop after a few seconds.

The precise heat control and speed is really impressive. You don’t have to spend a lot of time wasting your precious time in the kitchen waiting for your food till it’s ready.

The clear LED display automatically gives error code if an incompatible pan is placed on it.

It is a low noise induction cooktop unlike many others, which produce unpleasant humming sound while cooking.


The maximum watt at 1300 is a bit low for boiling with bigger pots. Loud beeping noise at the push of a button is rather unpleasant while cooking. It could have been better if there were options for adjustments in the system. It also requires compatible cook wares. If a magnet sticks to your pan, it works wonders instantly. It is natural for any product to have some demerits whether it is high end or low-end price. Therefore, at this price with its rich features, it is not a wrong choice.

 My Final Verdict

This cooktop is energy efficient, it’s easy to clean, easy to operate and has rich looking appearance just for a few dollars. In addition to these features, there are better ones, like the lock system and the dual power setting, which is not found in most of the cooktops. It’s simply the best to simmer with variable temperature settings

Compared to its rich features and the value for money, it is simply amazing. So, if you are the kind of person looking for this type of product, this is just for you. At the push of a button, cooking starts at ease. It is a low cost cooktop with rich features like the high-end cooktops, which is a never before opportunity to grab. The right decision at the right time for right product is the need of the hour. Choose wisely and be contented. This is one kind of a cooktop you would love more and more every day.

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