3 Best Gas Cooktop Reviews 2019– Guides/Comparisons/Verdicts

For the last 4 years we have been researching, testing and recommending the best gas cooktops.

Besides our tests and trials, we consistently consult expert reviews, interview technicians and product owners, and track sales and trends to help our readers pick their best gas cooktop.

We have meticulously round up the 3 best gas cooktops (30 and 36 inch) in 2019. Please find our buying guides, detailed analysis and test results after the comparison table.


GE CGP9536SLSS 36"
  • 20,000 BTU Tri-Ring Burner
  • Extra-Large, Integrated Cooktop Griddle
  • Fit Guarantee

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    Frigidaire Professional FPGC3077RS 30"
  • PowerPlus Full Range Burner - 18,200 BTU
  • Heavy-Duty Grates And Metal Cast Knobs
  • Pro-Select Controls: Precise Control At Your Fingertips.

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    GE JGP3030SLSS 30
  • 15,000 BTU Power Boil Burner
  • MAX Burner System
  • Heavy-Duty, Dishwasher Safe Grates

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    The Best Selling Gas Cooktop of all Time - GE CGP650SETSS 36 Inch

    5 Reasons why this Cooktop is a Favorite among many Homes:
    • Even distribution of heat onto the cookware.
    • Sealed burners protecting the cooktop from spillovers, and they’re easy to clean.
    • The 3-in-one burner with 20,000 BTU that heat water super fast, and low simmer setting for all burners.
    • LED backlit knobs that indicate which burner is on.
    • Good value for money.

    This is fairly a long article, click in the Table of Contents below to read listed gas cooktop reviews or the section you want to read.

    How we picked the best gas cooktop

    What distinctive characteristics does a good gas cooktop possess? Would we go for the most expensive brands because we are more naturally inclined to believe that the most expensive pieces are the best ones?

    Or, if life experiences have taught us anything, would we assent that price tag is not the be all and end all when it comes to finding the perfect product? What kind of cooktop does our kitchen need? What kind of cook are you? So many questions with equally varied answers — we decipher what features you should keep an eye on when you are on the lookout for the finest gas cooktop in the market.

    Firstly, heat.

    Our research has shown that most excellent cooktops invariably have at least a 17,000 BTU burner for quickly heating up food and boiling water. They also come with burners that are as low as 5,000 BTU and lesser for easy simmering and for delicate food items.

    If you want to make optimum use of your cooktop, keep an eye out for the BTU capacitance both on the high end as well as the low end. Some cooktops offer up to 25,000 BTU from manufacturer such as BlueStar. Mostly the burner is open with these cooktops and so the hassle of lifting the top to clean underneath. On the other hand, if you buy 2 burner gas cooktop, the BTUs are less with most manufacturers.

    Secondly, body.

    The housing of the cooktop is responsible for holding all of the cooking you do. Unstable, fragile, or a weak body is definitely recipe for disaster when you do heavy duty cooking. Instances of glass cooktops shattering is quite commonplace when you do a lot of cooking, even it if it just everyday cooking. Stainless steel has been found to be the most durable material for housing, although it is a little difficult to maintain.

    If you are going for glass or ceramic finish, ensure that they are of superior grade finish. Do not compromise the quality of housing for features because once the body gets damaged, you will not be able to use the features either.

    Thirdly, parts.

    The durability of the cooktop parts is as important as the body if not more. If I were to use a yardstick measure to decide which is more important, it would be very difficult to give more weight to either. Flimsy parts such as knobs, grates, and griddles may look good to the eye, but they will not last. If you do not keep an eye on parts, you may end up with a cooktop that need its parts to be replaced every few months and it will quickly become a costly affair once the warranty runs out. Go for solid metal parts and for easy maintenance, parts that are dishwashable.

    Fourthly, sizes.

    There are different sizes to meet your requirements. Standard gas cooktops are available in 24 inch, 30 inch and 36 inch. The most popular choices are 30 inch gas cooktop and 36 inch gas cooktop. You will find 12 inch and 42 inch in the market, though not a common choice.

    Fifthly, features.

    There is no lack of offers with cooktops in terms of innovative features offered by various brands. These features help us to use cooktop with ease and comfort. Some of it can really simplify our tasks.

    Samsung now offers Wi-Fi enabled cooktop, allowing you to remotely monitor temperature on your phone via an app. GE’s gas cooktop with electronic ignition ensures a continuous flame. Cooktop with this feature reignites automatically if accidentally extinguished.

    Aside from fancy apps, you should focus on basic but important features such as sealed burner for easy cleanup, easy installation, removable knobs, even heating, precise control, reversible burners, child lock, alerts, auto shut-off, LED light alerts for gas on etc. Features are always a good add-on and they work best when coupled with a solid cooktop and depending on your budget, you know what to focus on now.

    Our #1 Pick – GE CGP9536SLSS Café (36” gas cooktop)


    Our choice for the best 36 inch gas cooktop in the present market is the GE Café™ Series CGP9536SLSS 36″ with 5 burners which was launched early fall of 2017. If you want a statement gas cooktop for your kitchen, this is an ideal choice.

    At 36 inches, this is the one item that can make all the cooking differences in your kitchen. I personally prefer 36″ gas cooktop over 30″ gas cooktop since I cook a lot and don’t like pans being crowded. But again, it depends on counter space, kitchen setup, family members, and other considerations for you to decide 30 inch or 36 inch gas cooktop.

    The performance and features of this cooktop are definitely top-notch and it is incredibly designed. The tri-ring burner at the center, which burns at 20000 BTU, works marvelously and its simmer levels are remarkably precise. This is one of the best gas cooktop with griddle. Crack some eggs over the griddle and get some bacon frying—never worry about messy pots and pans over breakfast again.


    Why we think GE CGP9536SLSS Café is the best 36 inch gas cooktop in 2019?


    This cooktop offers a total of 59,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit). It is a 5 burner gas cooktop, the center with 20,000 BTU Tri-Ring Burner, the right front with 15,000 BTU, the rear with 5,000 BTU, the left front and left rear with 9,500 BTU.

    Heating is even with these burners and temperature control is excellent. Moving cookware across the cooktop is a breeze with the continuous grates. These are sealed burners and hence easy to clean.

    The center burner with 20,000 BTU Tri-ring burner is design to give you three options for heat coverage and output which is suitable for a precise delicate simmer or an accelerated heating.

    Inside the sealed burners is a small protected pocket of flame called the Flame Stability Chamber, it works like a flame sensor by reigniting blow out flame from a strong breeze or door slamming.

    Fit Guarantee

    The much talk about concern with gas cooktop buyers is the problem of cooktop replacement in the future. They come in different sizes across brands and there is no guarantee that you will get the same size from the same brand in the future. Well, not with GE Café series.

    No matter what cooktop brand you are replac ing in the future if they don’t fit with the present countertop cut-out they’ll pay for modifications, up to $100 for cooktops in the form of a prepaid Visa card. The $100 allowance may not cover the full cost of refitting but we like the initiative from GE Appliances.

    White LED Backlit for the Knobs

    They have created white LED backlit knobs to let us know which burners are turned on with just a glance. This feature is handy when you have pots and pans covered on your cooktop making it hard to see which burner is on. It looks quite trendy too.

    Big Griddle

    Griddle should be big enough to hold lots of foods for the family. Unless you are living alone small griddle won’t serve the purpose. You can prepare your favorite foods right on the cooktop without the need for additional cookware, no messy pots and pans.

    Other Features

    You can lock controls to prevent unintended activation. It has sealed cooktop burners to make cleaning quick and easy. The cooktop is ADA compliant. You can safely clean the grates in the dishwasher. The Edge- to-edge grates provides a large continuous cooking surface that extends all the way to the edges creating  more rooms for large cookware, also you can slide pots and pans from one burner to another without lifting.


    Like most gas cooktops the steel appearance knobs are made of plastic and chances of wearing off early. According to GE Representative, because of heat issues these knobs cannot be made in metal, instead they are made of temperature resistant electroplated plastic which are quite durable. Well, what about Bosch and Frigidaire’s Heavy-Duty metal knobs? We have no complaint with their knobs.


    DimensionsBurner OutputOthers
    Actual Width: 36 InchCenter Burner Output: 20,000 BTU Tri-Ring BurnerVoltage: 120 volts
    Actual Depth: 20-3/4 InchRight Front Burner Output: 15,000 BTUAMPS: 5
    Actual Height: 3-1/4 InchLeft Front Burner Output: 9,500 BTUADA Compliant: Yes
    Cutout Width: 33-7/8 InchRight Rear Burner: 5,000 BTUControl: Knobs
    Cutout Depth: 19-1/8 InchLeft Rear Burner: 9,500 BTUKnob Type: electroplated plastic
    Grill: NoOven Combo Approved: Yes
    Griddle: YesDishwasher Safe Grates: Yes
    Finish: Stainless Steel

    30 Inch Gas Cooktop – 4 Burner Vs. 5 Burner

    When you have decided for 30 inch gas cooktop, the dilemma that arises is whether to choose 4 burner gas cooktop or 5 burner gas cooktop. This is important because the choice matters a lot in terms of cost. The price of 5 burner gas cooktop is almost double the price of 4 burner gas cooktop and as costly as 36 inches gas cooktop. So, you really need to decide on your priorities.

    Ask yourself some questions. What heating power are you looking for your Burners? What kind of cook are you? How big is your family? How many stove burners do you use at a time on regular basis? Do you often have friends and families to dinner? Do you have plans to sell your house anytime soon? Can you cook in crammed environment? The more questions you can think of, the better you will decide.

    Well, personally, I like 4 burners for a 30 inches gas cooktop. It doesn’t make sense to cram 5 burners for a space of 4 burners. It won’t make my cooking any easy, but if need arises for an extra burner, I rather have a single burner induction cooktop which I can put away in the cabinet after use. But if you are looking for 5 burners we have a suggestion for that as well.

    Our #2 pick – Frigidaire FPGC3077RS 30” (5 Burners)


    We all have come across Brand name chunks, a bitter experience every now and then. Frigidaire, division of Electrolux, is a brand that has many confident buyers. Frigidaire Professional FPGC3077RS 30” Gas Cooktop is our best 30 inch cooktop. We love its ergonomic design, continuous cast-iron grates, PowerPlus burner and PrecisionPro controls.

    Four reasons we pick Frigidaire Professional FPGC3077RS

    Ergonomic design

    Placing 5 burners in a 30 inch cooktop surface without being jam-packed is a huge design challenge. We really like the ergonomic design, the burners and control knobs are well placed. The abundant cooking space is like having 36″ cooktop in a 30 inch size. It  looks very sleek and trendy too.


    The center burner delivers strong performance with 18,200 BTU, and a total of 54,200 BTU from the 5 burners which are quite impressive. They produce even heat and with sealed burners it is easy to clean. The center burner can easily accommodate 12 inch pan.


    You get a nice cast-iron reversible griddle though it’s not mentioned in the item description. And it’s a pleasant surprise.


    This is the best cooktop in its price range. Such top notch quality gas cooktop would cost much more with other brands. Check price on Amazon. As usual, you can always count on Frigidiare Kitchen Appliances for quality and value for money.


    The flame igniter is taking longer time to light as compared to other cooktops. The grates height looks a bit high but it’s okay while cooking.


    DimensionsBurner OutputOthers
    Actual Width: 30 InchEnter Burner Output: 18,200 BTUVoltage: 120 volts
    Actual Depth: 21-3/4 InchLeft Front Burner Output: 9500 BTUMin Circuit Required: 15A
    Actual Height: 4-1/4 InchRight Front Burner Output: 12,000 BTUADA Compliant: Yes
    Cutout Width: 27-1/4 – 28-1/2 InchRight Rear Burner: 5,000 BTUControl: Knobs
    Cutout Depth: 19-1/8 – 19-3/4 InchLeft Rear Burner: 9,500 BTUKnob Type: Cast Metal
    Grill: NoOven Combo Approved: Yes
    Griddle: YesDishwasher Safe Grates: Yes
    Finish: Stainless Steel

    Our #3 Pick – GE JGP3030SLSS 30″ (4 Burners)


    It’s GE Appliances again for the best 30 inch gas cooktop – GE JGP3030SLSS. We love GE’s commitments to deliver outstanding products (checkout ecomagination.com), but we are not committed to buy GE’s products, if you happen to think we promote only GE’s products. There some good reasons why this can be your best 30″ gas cooktop for 4 burners.

    Why we think GE JGP3030SLSS is the best 30 inch gas cooktop in 2019?

    GE JGP3030SLSS was launched sometime in October, 2017. Just like the GE Café CGP9536SLSS 36 inch cooktop we reviewed earlier it offers features such as precise simmer burner, heavy-duty dishwasher safe grates, stainless steel cooktop, max burner system, sealed burners, and Fit Guarantee for easy replacement.

    Burners burners burners..

    Again, what really attract us to this cooktop are its burners. Despite being a 4 burner cooktop, this cooktop offers a total of 41,500 BTU which is as good as many 5 burner cooktop out there.

    The left front burner has the max supply of heat with 15,000 BTU, the left rear with 5,000 BTU, the right front burner with 12,000 BTU and right rear burner with 9,500 BTU.  You have plenty of choice for each type of cooking mode. Just like most high-end cooktops, the continuous grates with this cooktop are nicely done to move heavy cookery while cooking.


    DimensionsBurner OutputOthers
    Actual Width: 30 InchLeft Front Burner Output: 15,000 BTUVoltage: 120 volts
    Actual Depth: 21 InchRight Front Burner Output: 12,000 BTUAMPS: 5
    Actual Height: 4-3/4 InchRight Rear Burner: 9,500 BTUADA Compliant: Yes
    Cutout Width: 28-1/2 InchLeft Rear Burner: 5,000 BTUControl: Knobs
    Cutout Depth: 19-5/8 InchGrill: NoKnob Type: electroplated plastic
    Griddle: NoOven Combo Approved: Yes
    Dishwasher Safe Grates: Yes
    Finish: Stainless Steel

    Why Gas Cooktop? .. Just before you pick one over Induction or Electric cooktop.

    Gas cooktops are one of the preferred choices in professional kitchens and well sought after in traditional homes; not exactly vintage, but the sophisticated cultured ones. Many prefer gas cooktops over induction cooktops because it allows a more feasible control over their cooking and for some, the flaming warmth simply adds a more homely feel. In some way, gas flames stay alive as the soul of cooking for a good many of us passionate cooks.

    Cooking on a gas cooktop is relatively simpler with no cookware fuss to bother about. You can freely cook with the likes of cookware such as traditional Chinese Wok that you cannot use on induction cooktops.

    Picking a gas cooktop that deserve your praise is never easy with too many substandard choices and competitions in the present market. If you have a big family to serve, you will probably go for the grand multi-burner cooktops. These cooktops not only offer attractive features and optimum safety but produces blazing heat of up to 20,000 BTU (British thermal units). Such cooktops understand the meaning of the word ‘hurry’.

    Portable gas cooktops are a sure call for outdoor adventures. They are neither too complicated as electric/induction cooktops that need an electric outlet to use nor too messy carrying petroleum fuels along. Camp Chef stoves are worth mentioning for outdoor cooking adventure.

    We have laid out a considerate number of gas cooktop reviews on our site, check them out to decide your cooktop better. For folks who would like to take a peep into the world of induction  cooking, we have also compiled a list of the best Induction Cooktop (including portable induction cooktop) available in the market here. They are definitely the future but not yet for most home.

    Cooktop Vs Rangetop

    The one dilemma with customers shopping for cooktop is choosing between cooktop and rangetop. Here are some basic differences. Coktop sit on top of the countertop and needs a custom cut-out for it, whereas rangetop does not need a cut-out and installed by dropping into a cabin. But both have their respective challenges while installing.

    Rangetops are not suitable for most existing kitchen that does not already have a rangetop installation provision while cooktops installation is more feasible by altering the existing cut-out if required.

    With cooktops the knobs and controls are on top of the counter giving less space for cooking area. Rangetops are bulkier in appearance with knobs and controls in the front of the unit but you have more cooking surface area. Conventionally, rangetops are known to offer more BTU output but not any longer with the latest cooktops offering similar powerful burners. Cooktops are cheaper than rangetops.

    Though there are a number of differences between the two they are both an ideal choice based on the customer needs. It is mostly personal tastes and requirements that determine the best gas range or cooktop.

    Cooktop Advantage over Rangetop

    • Installation is more feasible for existing kitchen
    • They are more budget friendly
    • Cooktops looks sleeker
    • Families with children prefer knobs and controls on top of the counter for safety reasons

    Rangetop Advantage over Cooktop

    • It has more cooking surface and easily accommodates griddle and grill component
    • Replacement is easier due to its standard sizes
    • Knobs and controls are easier to operate while cooking unlike the cooktop knobs that are too close to the hot pots

    Besides cooktop and rangetop, you also need to start looking for range hood and venting system. They are again available in a variety of different types, technologies, strengths, materials and designs. Some of the most popular ones are gas cooktop with downdraft hoods, ceiling hoods, wall-mounted hoods, under cabinet hoods, etc. Choosing your vent hood is no different and is mostly based on your personal tastes and needs.