LG LDE4415ST Double Oven Range Review-Is it Worth the Money?


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How smart are you in choosing appliances for your smart kitchen? Let me remind you, Smart Kitchen is not all about filling your kitchen with many costliest appliances. But rather it’s about making the best choice, out of the many choices available. A well chosen few useful items in your kitchen will make your kitchen chores a lot easier, less time consuming and entertaining; while enhancing the looks of your kitchen, making it look more modern at the same time. Upgrading your kitchen with huge modern kitchen appliances is costly. And all of us don’t want to spend big on items that will not last long or meet our needs. Therefore it’s very important to first find out your needs and requirements and then decide on the one that you think is best for you.

A cooktop is one important item for every kitchen. Equipping your kitchen with an efficient and a reliable cooktop will make a lot of differences while preparing food for your family. Again, cooking is a daily activity and so you need to be very careful when purchasing your cooktop. The LG LDE4415ST  Double Oven Range is a modern kitchen appliance designed for your smart kitchen. It is the best in its class because of its functionality, smart features, efficiency, and cheap price. This item is worth considering if you want a smart freestanding double-oven range that outperform most available in the market.

LG LDE4415ST Electric Double Oven Range – Description

This technologically advanced double element kitchen appliance is designed to meet most of our cooking needs. It is a freestanding cabinet that features a 30 inches induction cooktop with 5 different size burners and a large 7.3 cu ft capacity dual oven. The different sized burners offer different cooking temperatures and the dual oven also has their separate openings and controller. Preparing breakfast and big dinner for family or gathering will be easy and fast with this multi-functional cooktop cum oven. This unit is also equipped with latest technology features to give you the best cooking experience.

Type Freestanding Electric Double Oven Range (cooktop and oven)
Manufacturer LG
Capacity7.3 cu. ft.
Overall Dimension29 15/16 (Width) x 47 9/32 (Height with Backguard Control  Board) x 28 15/16 (Depth with Handle) inches
ColorsStainless Steel
Weight191 lbs
Safety LockControl Lock and Door Lock
Warranty1 year for Parts and Labour, Limited 1 Year on Cooktop and Radiant Surface Units

Powerful Multi-Purpose 30” Induction Cooktop with 5 Burners



As designed for cooking all types of food, the cooktop is powerful, efficient, and anytime/everytime reliable. It features 5 burners of different size with different temperature settings for versatile cooking. The Left Front and the Right Front heating element serve as the main burner. The Left Front burner can accommodate cookware with 6-9 inches diameter, and you can set the cooking temperature between 1400-3200 Watts. The Right Front burner can accommodate bigger pans of 6-12 inches diameter and provide cooking temperature of 1100-3000 Watts. These dual element will take care all your cooking without any fuss. The Left Rear and the Right Rear heating elements have a cooking diameter of 6 inches with 1200 Watts, while the Center heating element is 7 inches in diameter and is powered with only 100 Watts to serve as a warming burner.

The cooktop has a smooth black ceramic glass top with grey pattern on it. The cooktop functions great in many ways and fulfills its purpose. The efficient heat supply cuts down cooking time considerably and the even heat distribution gives satisfactory cooking result. The cooking temperature changes instantly at the press of a button and provide consistent heat, which in turn enables precision cooking.

Cooktop size30 inches
Cooktop type Radiant Induction burner
Number of burners5 burners with Hot Surface Light Indicator
Front Left Burner6 to 9 inches cooking diameter, 1400 to 3200 Watts cooking temperature
Front Right Burner6 to 12 inches cooking diameter, 1100W to 3000W cooking temperature
Center Burner7 inches diameter burner, 100W power for Warming food items
Left and Right Rear BurnerBoth 6 inches cooking diameter with 1200W
Cooking surfaceBlack ceramic glass top
Other Top FeaturesEnergy efficient for fast cooking, even heat distribution, constant heat supply, instant temperature changes


7.3 cu. ft. Dual Opening Oven with Smart Technology

The large capacity dual oven scores big because of its functionality powered by highly advanced modern technology. The two ovens have separate doors and feature separate control settings.

The upper smaller oven has a capacity of 3.0 cu. ft. and is designed for easy access while cooking. This 6 inches tall oven provides you a spacious cooking space and so you can practically cook most of the food items on it without having to preheat the bigger lower oven. It provides you baking (2400W with 4 Pass), broiling (3000W, charcoal) and conventional oven cooking options.

The capacity of the lower oven is 4.3 cu. ft. This bigger sized oven is designed to handle all your major cooking in perfection. It is also more powerful and provides you other cooking options too. The convection cooking element is powered with 2500W/2 Turn while the broiling element is powered with 3800W 6 Pass. The lower oven provides other cooking options like ProBake Convection, Proof, Convection Roast, Warm and many other cooking modes.

Both ovens have wide opening glass window and assistance light for better viewing. It also feature two standard racks and one standard gliding rack.

Other key features of the oven are discussed under the following sub-heading.

Infrared Grill System

This is a special feature that made this oven highly capable of cooking food items faster. The use of infrared cooking system is accountable for two important results- faster cooking and fresher/juicier food. It can decrease 20% of your cooking time.

True Convection Element

The True Convection cooking system enables precise temperature control and also even heat distribution, which results in faster preheating and better heat distribution.

LG Easy Clean, Self Clean

Cleaning the oven is easy and fun. You don’t have to use your energy or do something extra to clean the oven. Cleaning process can be completed just within 20 minutes in 3 simple steps. Just spray the interior with water and press the Easy Clean button. The oven will start the auto-cleaning process. After 20 minutes wipe it clean with a piece of cloth.

Type FreeStanding Dual Oven
Cooking TechnologyLG Infrared Grill and LG True Convection Technology
Upper Oven3.0 cu. ft. capacity. Provides Bake Element (2400W, 4 Pass), Broil Element (3000W) and Conventional cooking modes
Lower Oven4.3 cu. ft capacity. Provides Convection Element (2500W, 2 Turn), Broil Element (3800W, 6 Pass), Warm, Convection Bake, Convection roast and Proof, ProBake Convection, etc.
Oven Light2 (lower and Upper)
Oven RacksIncluded 2 Standard Racks and 1 Offset Gliding Rack
CleaningEasy Cleaning with Self Cleaning button
Opening Wide-View glass window with matching handle


Intui-Touch Smart Control Board with VFD Scrolling Display

The front facing IntuiTouch control board is located at the top. This board controls all the settings for both the cooktop and the dual oven. The command buttons are sensitive to touch and easy to operate. The left hand side of the board features the cooktop command setting while the right hand side commands the oven settings. On the middle of the board is the VFD Scrolling Display and also feature general settings button.

Control TypeIntuiTouch Large  Sensitive Control panel
Display ScreenVFD Scrolling Screen Display at Center
Cooktop ControlsFront Tilt-Control Knobs
Oven ControlsGlass Touch
General Settings ButtonTimer, Safety lock


Power Requirement/Rating


AMP Rating at 208 V 56A
Amp Rating at 240 V  64.6A
KW Rating at 208 V 11.6kW
KW Rating at 240 V 15.5kW

With all these technologically advanced features, the LG LDE4415ST Electric Double Oven Range will be a booster item in your kitchen. Not only meeting all your daily cooking needs, this item will compliment your kitchen environment and give that smart look. For its excellent design, functionality, rich features, easy control, perfect cooking result, and not to forget the low price tag (compared to other similar models), this kitchen appliance is truly recommendable.


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