New Model Ivation 6L1W 8in1 Multi-Purpose Electric Pressure Cooker 1000W

The best thing about pressure cooking is that it cooks food super fast and at the same time delivers healthy delicious food. Many of us today are aware of the benefits of cooking with pressure cooker, and it handles majority of our cooking.

My pressure cooker becomes handy and useful when I’m in hurry or when I invite my friends/family for dinner. What would take more than one hour of cooking time is cooked and ready to be served within few minutes.A pressure cooker is a useful item in my kitchen and I often use it because it is suitable for cooking many types of recipe.

I use my Ivation 8-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker for cooking rice, grain, vegetables, yogurt, meat, porridge, soup, beans, boiling water, etc. and the results are just awesome. In case you haven’t got one, your kitchen is missing the one item that will make a huge difference on how you cook food for the betterment.

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These days, you will find pressure cooker of two types- electric and non-electric model. Non-electric models are the one that we use over cooktop while electric models cook food on its own (without the need of a cooktop). Both models are easy to use/handle and are not a concern for safety.

The Ivation 8-in-1 Multi Purpose Cooker is an electric model, which is highly functional, anytime reliable and extremely powerful. This new model is worth considering, and investing on this electric pressure cooker will be worth every penny you spent for.

 Features and Specifications of Ivation L61W Electric Pressure Cooker

This premium product from NuWave is designed to handle all your cooking with maximum ease and in perfection. This electric pressure cooker comes with stainless steel inner that has a cooking capacity of 6.3 quart. It also has a powerful 1000 Watt power output and thus cooks food of different kinds faster and in an efficient way. Safety is not an issue with this model; the safety mechanism is already tested and proven, plus certified by UL and ULC.

This model is a fully packed 8-in-1 multi-functional pressure cooker that can meet all your cooking needs such as yogurt making, pressure cooking, warming, rice/cereal cooking, slow cooking, sauté/browning, steaming and canning.

To make your cooking easier, the pressure cooker comes equipped with 14 Very Common Preset Cooking Styles- keep warm, soup, stew, slow cook, meat/poultry, yogurt, beef, beans, fish, multi-grain, steam, porridge, rice and sauté. If you are not sure to set the temperature or cooking time for certain types of food, you can simply press one of these preset buttons and it will be automatically cooked for you in a short period of time. You can also cook food manually on your own.

Check out the specs and features highlighted below.

  • 6.3 quart multi-purpose 1000 Watt electric pressure cooker.
  • Big LED display control panel located at the front- easy to use and sensitive to touch.
  • Tested and UL/ULC certified safety mechanism, Tight-Seal Lid.
  • You can delay cooking time for up to 24 hours.
  • Automatic 14 preset cooking styles, automatic keep warm, manual cooking.
  • Three cooking temperature for slow cooking and sauté.
  • It has 7 pressure cooking functions.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Color- white.
  • Shipping weight- 15.2 pounds.
  • Electric requirement- 110 V – 60 Hz.
  • Stainless steel steam rack, soup spoon, measuring cup, rice paddle, gasket and a user guide is included in the box.