Portable 1800 Watt Induction Countertop Cooktop Burner by Ivation: Handy at Its Best



The cooktop is one of several items that I took for granted all my growing years. Yes, we get hot, cooked food, but it was just something that I totally never gave a second glance at, much less acknowledge its importance. College happened and planned meals with takeaways took care of food. It was only when I got a place of my own last year that the need for a cooktop really struck me.


I was not looking for anything fancy, and I was not going to cook anything complicated either. I just got tired of eating Chinese and ready-to-eat, rather unsavory, stuff that my microwave can warm up. So, on a whim, I ordered an ivation 1800 Watt portable induction countertop cooktop burner from Amazon. Ever since I purchased this cooktop, I have been constantly amazed by how easier and healthier my life has become in addition to saving money from not eating out all the time.

Beautiful, Polished, and Sturdy Design

The first thing on my mind when I saw this cooktop was how well designed it is. It has a smooth and sleek glass surface all in black that makes it look very modern. For lack of a better word, I am going to say that this cooktop looks pretty smart.

The control area is right in front of you and takes around 1/5th of the total size of the cooktop. The pan area is clearly indicated in circles and you will have no confusion on where to place your pans at all. Going from left to right, you will see the Lock button, the Timer, temperature down, temperature indicator, temperature up, temperature Select button for 10 different temperature settings, and the power button. Indicators that glow if cooking (heating), timer, and temperature are on are displayed prominently. You will also see a caution notice to indicate that the cooking area is hot right after use.

Perfect Size

The size of the cooktop is 13 1/4 “x 11 1/4”. It does not take up counter space at all and is perfect for smaller apartments. You can use it in a trailer, holiday homes, apartments, and even inside dorm rooms for a quick fix.

Easy to Operate

Operating this cooktop is not rocket science. All you have to do is to place the cooktop on a flat surface like the kitchen counter and plug the pin in to a socket. Then you place an induction compatible cooktop over it and turn the power on. The power button is located in the right most corner of the control panel and is clearly indicated. When cooking is done, turn the power off. The hot plate should cool down in a few minutes. The controls are easy to understand and operate.



Cooks Efficiently

One word: Powerful! This nifty little thing is packed with amazing heating power. With heating range from 140°C to 460°C, and 900 Watts to 1800 Watts, you have quite an impressive range of heating options. The heating on this cooktop is so powerful that it will considerably reduce your cooking time. I have had experiences with my friend’s cooktop, small just like mine, that takes forever to even boil water. With the Ivation 1800 Watt portable cooktop, most of your cooking will be done in a jiffy.

Amazing features

Apart from all the efficient cooking, three features of this cooktop in particular are noteworthy:

  • Lock: Once you hit Lock, a red LED light displays right above the button. What this features does is that once you set your temperature and (or) timer, you can hit the Lock button and avoid accidentally changing the settings.
  • Pan-sensor: If you turn on the power but does not place any pan on it, the cooktop detects and automatically shuts off after 60 seconds. This is especially helpful against accidents and is also enables you to know if your cookware is not compatible. It will also beep if you do not have a compatible cookware.
  • Quiet Fan: The fan on this cooktop is pretty quiet and does not disturb you when you are trying to focus on some other chore or work.

What Could have Been Better

Despite the versatility of this little cooktop, there are some areas that the cooktop could have done better:

  • Temperature setting, especially on low, is rather high—not the friendliest item for just warming food up.
  • Timer increments go up in 5 minutes. A little inconvenient at times when you are busy and cannot keep watch of the food you are cooking.
  • Heat increments go up in 40°C. 10°C or 15°C would have been ideal.

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Bottom Line

What distinguishes a good cooktop from a bad one? The reasons for that may be varied. However, when it comes to this cooktop, I must say that it has demonstrated its functionality quite powerfully. Twenty different temperature settings that cook food in no time along with lock system and other safety measures make this cooktop unique. I am without a doubt that this is the go-to cooktop for people who has a need for smaller ones. Oh! do not forget that this is an induction cooktop and requires ferrous pots.