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Last modified on September 3rd, 2021 at 12:10 am

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One of the most prized camping stoves comes from Coleman, a dad-favorite brand that continues to be trusted since a good long time past. Perhaps it is because of my father’s appetizing treats that I love the sturdy stove he once owned. But by the time the vintage stove was handed down to me, it was getting old and almost impossible to clean it up.

So I marched right to the store and got a newer version from the very same brand that could also work like a horse.

To add up, it is one reliable brand that can take you through generations like my fathers, only the equipments got outdated and passed into the category of vintage, and yet most of the models were very affordable. Well, I gleam with delight whenever I go on a trip; I could probably be like my dad with this new stove which by the by has several plus points that I could tell you about.


First, the size and weight is more ideally portable. Weighs light as 10.6 pounds; with a robust feel this cooktop does seem unlikely to be lightweight.

Coleman Triton Series...
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Coleman Triton Series...
  • 11,000 BTUs per burner, 22,000 total BTUs
  • Large cooking area fits one 10-in. (25.4 cm) pan and one 12-in. (30.48 cm) pan at the same time
  • Independent, easily-adjustable controls range from simmer to boil
  • Durable steel construction withstands rugged cooking conditions
  • PerfectHeat Technology gets the temperatures just right

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Among all the sturdy camp stovetops that calls competition in the market trend, Coleman Triton stove is lighter than most. The size is perfect (5.8 x 13.9 x 23 inches) and slim enough I have always managed to make a convenient spot for it in my car during my outdoor trips.

Comparing Design Features

Coleman Triton Series 2-burner Stove, one of the choicest camping stoves that features some of the key attributes for outdoor cooking appliances. Here’s more:

Steady Burner Elements

One of the things I love my new Coleman is that its BTU power is not very high which means it burns with a very steady flame. This comes as a boon to me because it maintains my cooking pace and I hardly risk burning my food. And I even get my roasting done, nice and good mostly without having them over-burnt now.

Well, let not your cooking be hasty, it can hardly be done in perfection. The 1100 BTU on each burner may be unusual for many other camp-stove models, but this portable gas stove gets its body less heated up. Moreover, the stove simmers relatively well.

Equipped with easily adjustable control knobs, the stove is one easy and functional camping favorite gear. Well, of course I do love the cooking part at a camp.

The burner surface is smaller than most stoves in the same competition, but unless you need to cook for a whole load of people, 10 inch pans and 12 inch pans that it can accommodate would suffice for family trips. With adjustable windscreens, this stovetop does make one ideal camping gear.

Fuel Portability

My Coleman runs on Propane gas. Propane gas is much more convenient for carrying around and easily available. Perhaps not the best choice for car-camping or on backpacking trips, but it is undeniably convenient to have such a horsemanship performance to serve your outdoor cooking.

Coleman Triton Series 2-Burner Stove

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The griddle that is detachable from the stove body also makes it very handy when packing it up. Note that the griddle features as a separate part that is sold on its own and replacement can be procured any time.

The Coleman Triton 2-burner Propane Stove is fairly energy efficient. A 16.4oz propane canister can last you a little over one hour. And of course the stove can operate on a bulk propane tank for which you will need to use a type-1 adapter with its hose. But be sure to unplug it from the tank when storing after use because the stove does not have a shut-off valve, one downside.

Easy Cleaning

Unlike my father’s stovetop, the new model is easy to clean after every use. The maintenance part with this stove is much improved especially, compared to old models. Even after heavy use, it does not necessarily need heavy scrubbing like the old generation. Wiping clean with a piece of cloth will do.

Also there is a drip tray as well as nickel chrome plated grates that can be detached from the stove for cleaning. I usually find it convenient right after I do a whole load of barbeque stuff; I can easily remove it and wash it out. Drip tray cleaning is an excellent idea for a regular cook like me.

Simple Set up

Coleman Triton 2-burner stove is one table top model that is very easy to set up. Like most table top models, setup is as simple; just screw on the propane canister as you open up the shield, and to light it just push the peizo ignitor. The ignitor adds to the spontaneity and ease of using this stove; just one push and it fires up.

Your camping gear just got a bit handier; go get started and next time you are on a trip you can expect your stove to get a liter of water to boil within 6 minutes time for your pasta.