Induction Cooktop Interface Disk Vs Induction Cookware

One dreadful experience you will face when you upgrade your kitchen with induction cooktop is the choice/compatibility of the cookware. Since induction cooktops have a unique cooking process called the induction cooking that generates heat through magnetic radiation, you would have to use cookware made of ferrous material. This means parting with your induction non-compatible cookware. You cannot use your favorite pans made of aluminum, or cookware that does not contain iron once you upgrade to induction cooktop. Best induction compatible cookwares are made of cast iron, stainless steel, iron, or any cookware that has a flat bottom and to which a magnet sticks.

So, where does this leave you? Do you really have to part with your favorite set of cookware?  Or is there any other option available?

When you are in this kind of situation, there are only two options you can take up. The first option is- buy induction interface disk, and the second option is- invest on new induction compatible cookware. Induction interface disk, also known as induction heat diffuser is a commonly used item in every kitchen these days. Interface disks are specially designed to let you use aluminum or other non-magnetic pans on your induction cooktop. The cooktop first heats the interface disk and then the heat from the disk is transferred to the cooking pan. The following interface disks mentioned below are commonly used model and are best rated.

Max Burton 6010 Induction Interface Disk/Heat Diffuser

Max Burton 6010 8-Inch Induction Interface Disk

This interface disk by Max Burton (Check Amazon’s Discounted Price ) is a highly rated model and does what it’s suppose to do. This item is made of stainless steel and works with any non magnetic cookware. If you have a set of induction non-compatible cookware, this interface disk is worth considering.

This Max Burton Interface Disk is ½ inches thick and offers you a cooking diameter of 8/15 inches. The durable stainless steel distributes even heat and it is well designed with a heat proof handle grip. It is designed to fit with any induction cooktop, portable single burner cooktop or multi burner cooktop. Since the heat is first transferred to the disk and then to the pan, the cooking time will take longer than usual.

 Stainless Steel VonShef Induction Heat Diffuser

VonShef Induction Heat Diffuser

(Check Amazon’s Discounted Price)

This is another highly efficient induction heat diffuser you should look out in case you are using induction cooktop. Elegantly designed with a handle grip and a three layer base, this kitchen item fulfills its true purpose- of handling induction non-compatible cookware. The top and the bottom layers are of stainless steel while the middle layer has aluminum to distribute heat evenly and effectively. This VonShef heat diffuser is available in two different sizes- 7.5 inches and 9.25 inches in diameter. As it is with every induction hear diffuser or induction interface disk, using this item may prolong cooking speed/time. Discoloring or color changing after use is normal.

Buy Induction Interface Disk or Invest on Induction Cookware?

It is very important to understand this heading before making any decision. Induction heat diffuser does its job and seems to equally fulfill its purposes. However, there are negative aspects of its side too. The main concern is the slow heat transmission, leading to longer cooking period. Some users even complained that the diffuser or interface disk they use never heated the pan to desired temperature. Another issue faced by users is the overheating problem with some pans. While the cooking pan is slowly/lowly heated, the interface disk got over heated that a cooktop with automatic sensor automatically shuts down itself. Other minor issues are like discoloring, less durability, safety concern, etc.

Investing on induction compatible cookware may be a little costlier than buying an induction interface disk. But unlike interface disk, cooking directly with induction compatible cookware is fast, effective, efficient, and worry free. Induction interface disk may serve its purpose but investing your money on induction cookware seems a wiser decision in the long run.

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