GE Profile Series PHP9036SJSS- 36” Built-In Induction Cooktop at Its Best

Last modified on November 25th, 2020 at 8:23 pm

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Earlier, on the ‘Articles’ section, we have already discussed at length on why GE cooktops are most reliable. On that article, we talked exclusively about GE cooktops, and have pointed out the technologies and features they used in making their different types of cooktop ‘a reliable cooktop’ for every kitchen. Today, after much waiting we are reviewing GE Profile Series PHP9036SJSS, wherein you will see the technologies and the features we had discussed earlier put into work to give you the best cooking experience.

For any cooktop models from GE, there are so many valid points we could speak about and we find it easy to recommend GE cooktops to the buyers because they are all genuine products from a trusted brand and buyers around the globe have good experience with GE cooktops.

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Investing on a good quality cooktop will be costly, especially when you buy a 30 or 36 inches cooktop models. To prevent subsequent disappointment, we always recommend buyers to find out their needs and make their pick from the different types of models available. If you cook most days it can be a boring and monotonous chore. But with a good quality cooktop by your side, I tell you ‘half of your cooking task is already done even before you start cooking’.


Introducing to The GE PHP9036SJSS Induction Cooktop

The GE PHP9036SJSS is a very powerful and feature packed cooktop model designed to make cooking easy, fast, fun and satisfying. The cooktop is a 36 inches built-in model that provides ample cooking space and 5 powerful burners of different sizes. Considering its high cost and big size, the cooktop is not that suitable for use in dorm, hostel, RV, etc. Rather, it is a cooktop designed for big family, to create different kinds of meal in minimal time. The 5 burners are differently sized to fit pans of various sizes, and provide many temperature settings to achieve desired cooking result.

Take note that this cooktop is an ‘induction type of cooktop’. Electric induction cooktops are exceeding expectations and lately, many users have recommended it over other types of cooktop. Looking at the present scenario- the advanced technology and the features induction cooktop offers and how users are responding to it, it seems like induction cooking will be the most preferred types of cooktop in the coming years. Since this cooktop is an induction cooktop, it offers many advanced cooking features (which will be discussed below) and enables easy control. Controlling or setting the cooktop is easy, fast and accurate.

Electric cooktops are known for their slim and elegant design. Modern gas cooktops also have had great improvement in the recent years. But in this area, electric cooktops are still far ahead than gas cooktops. The cool to touch technology and digital touch control system made induction cooktops handier and much easier to clean. The GE PHP9036SJSS is a true specimen of superior design and maximum functionality. The cooktop looks dashing in black color with stainless steel frame, and will compliment any smart modern kitchen environment. The cooking surface is of tampered ceramic glass and each burner is circled so as to let you know the exact heating space. The bigest and the most powerful burner lies at the center while two supporting burners are placed on each side (left and right) of the center burner. The digital control panel with LED display is placed on the center front for easy access.


Main Attractions of GE PHP9036SJSS

How do you define a good cooktop? Is a cooktop good because it offers great features, or just because it is powerful? For us, the Cooktop Hunter Team, a good cooktop is the one that offers innovative features coupled with easy control system. Convenience matters a lot at your kitchen, and a good cooktop should let you manage the cooking easy and fast. The GE PHP9036SJSS is recommendable for many reasons; no doubt, it is one of the best cooktops that we have reviewed. The main features or attractions of the cooktop are listed as below.

  • It has a spacious cooking space and offers 5 powerful induction burners. The center burner, which is

    Price: $1899

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    the most powerful burner has a cooking diameter of 11” and can produce 3700W. The two burners placed at the left side of the center burner are rated 2500W and can take pans of 7” diameter. The Right Front burner and the Right Rear burner are rated 3200W 8” and 1800W 6” respectively. Induction cooking being the most energy efficient type of cooktop coupled with GE’s most powerful burner, this cooktop can boil water rapidly.

  • The two burners on the left can be synced together and controlled simultaneously. This is an important feature as it will let you heat larger pans or use it for griddle.
  • The cooktop offers easy and fast control through the Digital Touch Control panel located at the center front. All the settings are done from this panel and for your aid there is a RED LED display screen. With separate digital control button assigned for each burner and LED display screen guiding your every step, there is no chance of giving wrong command.
  • Each powerful burner can provide different temperature settings within its power limit. The cooktop is designed to provide cooking temperature from as low as melting/warming temperature to rapid boiling temperature.
  • Like most top rated induction cooktop models, this model is also easy to clean.
  • The cooktop also supports kitchen cooking timer, pan sensor, pan size sensor, auto switch off, and safety lock.
  • GE offers GE Appliances Fit Guarantee on this cooktop. This nice gesture from GE will make replacing your cooktop from GE or another brand easy and fast.

More Product Information

It is important that you consider the following information prior to buying the cooktop.


Overall cooktop dimensions- 20 1/2 inches x 4 5/8 inches x 36 1/8 inches (Depth x Height x Width), weight is 48 lb, and cutout dimensions are 33 7/8 inches x 19 1/8 inches.

Power Requirement


Amp Rating 208V – 50

Amp Rating 240V – 50

KW Rating 208V – 9.6

KW Rating 240V – 11.1

While installing this cooktop, use a two wire, three conductor 208/240 V, 60 Hz electrical system, and a minimal of 50 amp service is required.

*improper or wrong wiring can damage the product or cause electrical hazard. Refer or get help from a certified electrician.


With induction cooktops, cleaning is easy and fast because the cooking surface is of glass. However, this advantage can at times turn out to be a disadvantage if care is not taken while handling it. Like other induction cooktop models, the GE PHP9036SJSS also has a ceramic glass cooking surface. While the cooktop is strong enough to hold pans of different size, dropping hard/sharp objects on the cooking surface or sliding uncoated cookware with rough base can damage or leave scratch mark.

Comparing GE PHP9036SJSS with Other Top GE Induction Cooktop Models



Price: $1899

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There are other similar cooktop models from GE to meet your varied cooking needs. They are all powerful and reliable cooktops. GE is a company that is committed to satisfy its users around the globe. As such, new features are invented and introduced in the latest models to give maximum satisfaction.

The GE Café CHP9536SJSS 36 Inches Built-In Induction Cooktop is the latest induction cooktop model from GE. In this latest production, GE has introduced the Digital Glide Touch Control System among other various improvements. This latest model is also available in 30 inches.

If you don’t want the stainless steel frame of the GE PHP9036SJSS, you can opt for the similar model without stainless steel frame- the GE PHP9036DJBB Built-In Induction Cooktop.

The GE PHP9030SJSS Profile Series Induction Cooktop is another similar cooktop in smaller size. While offering similar features and benefits, this 30 inches model offers 4 burners (one burner short compared to others) at a lesser price.