Review on Fabulous GE PHP900DMBB Profile Induction Cooktop

Last modified on November 25th, 2020 at 8:23 pm

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The epicenter of any home always turns out to be the kitchen. My passion for cooking was first born in my grandmother’s kitchen that’s where I started to love cooking.

GE PHP900DMBB 30″ (4 burners)/GE PHP960DMBB (36″ with 5 burners) is a must in every modern day kitchen because of its unique features and other advantages compared to other Cooktops which are easily available in the market. This has added creative touches to regional and internationally inspired kitchen appliances.

Why GE PHP900DMBB is a fabulous Cooktop?

  • It’s sleek and well designed with four burners of different size.
  • The two medium-sized surfaces are lined up on the left size of the cooking area, with the largest occupying the front-right spot. But the smallest burner is located in the back middle, making it easy to reach even if you have an oversized pan or pot on the large burner.
  • Electronic touch Controls are placed in front and at the center with a flat touch-screen “buttons” integrated into the glass top which makes it easy to clean the surface.
  • There is a “hot surface” indicator light, and toward the back, there is a child lock button.
  • All together this Induction cooktop comes 10 Control settings that ensure precise temperature control.

What are some of its Drawback?

  • You require an electrical supply to the cooktop in order to use outdoors. Portable cooktop may be more advantageous for cooking outdoor.
  • Cost may be an issue for some but i would say that the benefits of this induction (compared to gas) outweigh the initial cost. This cost could be recouped by energy savings if you cook daily or by weighing other considerations.
  • If you can afford the price the time saving alone on cooking and cleaning is worth it.
  • Pans/Vessels should be induction compatible; the easily available cook wares may not be magnetic.
  • For small families 4 or 5 Burners cooktop may not be required but it has various advantages for others while cooking different dishes.

What’s so amazing about this Induction Cooktop?

  • Pan Presense Sensor automatically shut burners off when weight is removed from it, which is great for forgetful home chefs who tend to leave burners on.
  • Functionally it works much better than other Induction. It Heats up and cool down immediately.
  • LCD digital display with electronic touch. The touch controls are very easy to use; you only need dry hands and a dry surface.
  • Kitchen Timers for cooking various dishes under one kitchen.
  • They have Parts Warranty for 1year along with Service Warranty for 1year
  • Temperature control is just fantastic.
  • With this Induction the response time is immediate.
  • This Cooktop looks great and functions even better and faster.
  • GE Customer supports are friendly and efficient.
  • Although Induction is powered by electricity, it shouldn’t be confused with traditional electric cooking. This method works differently.
  • This Induction provides instantaneous results. The speed of heating a pan is amazing it surpasses gas and electric in speed and control.
  • Maintenance is very easy in fact, you may not require at all.
  • This Cooktop is much cooler than either electric or gas, because there are no heating elements in the unit. It’s the right choice if you live in a hot climate, it doesn’t retain nor radiate heat.
  • For those that hate electric cooking, and don’t have gas line, this is an amazing solution. I think it’s far better than the other methods of cooking. If you frequently cook but have a smaller kitchen, this will keep it cooler and more spacious.

Why is this Cooktop considered to be the safest?

For many worried parents, Child lock facility seems to be the safest and the most attractive features of this Induction. Along with this, it also saves money and energy (electric consumption) when compared to other electrical cooking. Many housewives have recommended this particular Cooktop because it’s very efficient, easy to handle and fast in cooking while striving to be in time in this busy and fast world.


GE Profile Black Electric Induction Cooktop works so amazingly. This is everything you can hope for a cooktop. All most people say is . . . WOW!!! I wish I had done this sooner. 

It’s a well made product; don’t waste your time in search of other Induction if you can afford it.

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I don’t have any basis for comparison to other induction units, but I did not find any faults with this Induction. It’s just perfect and you shouldn’t miss this one if you are looking for an excellent Induction. PHP900DM GE Profile Series 30″ Electric Black Induction Cooktop deserves a spot among the best Induction options available in the market.