GE Cooktops – Powerful, Efficient and Always Reliable


I remember one of my Aunt who is always skeptical and choosy while buying things, especially when buying kitchen appliances. Sometimes it was a burden going with her at the market due to her nature of asking endless questions to the salesman and checking out every detail of the product. That’s how she earned the nickname ‘skeptic aunt’ which we surreptitiously call her.

I bet you might have come across a person who is like my skeptic aunt, or who knows even you are one like her☺. At times, such person might look funny. But one good lesson I learnt from my aunt is that ‘a well chosen products always serve us right and last longer.’ My aunt knows exactly what she needs to buy and therefore, whatever products she bought serves her right. Till today, her kitchen is filled with years old appliances and items that looks superb and still functions efficiently.

We all know the vital role a cooktop plays in our kitchen. Since cooking is a daily activity, it has become a necessity to invest on a good quality cooktop that can take care of all your cooking needs. Nowadays, there are different types of cooktop available and so the choices are many. But here, I will be talking more about GE Cooktops, the technology and the advanced features GE incorporated in its cooktop, and why GE cooktops are one of the leading cooktops worldwide.

A Range of GE Cooktops- Branded and Authentic

Founded 124 years ago, General Electric has turned itself into a giant conglomerate company that operates through various segments. Among the many appliances GE produces, GE cooktops are the one that is catered to meet your varied cooking needs. Designed boldly and engineered with highly advanced technology, GE cooktops are truly worth considering if you are about to upgrade your cooktop.

I found out that GE is more interested in producing a bigger size cooktop with four to five burners rather than a portable cooktop with one or two burners. There are different models of 30 and 36 inches cooktop ranging from gas to electric to induction types of cooktop. Due to the advanced technology features, ease of use, efficiency and powerful nature, GE cooktops are a trusted brand and the first choice cooktop for many. Some of the best selling GE cooktops include GE CGP650SETSS Café 36’’ Gas Cooktop, GE Profile PHP9036SJSS 36″ Built-in Induction Cooktop, GE PHP960DMBB Profile 36’’ Induction Cooktop, GE JP3536DJBB 36″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop, among many others.

Latest Features and Specs of GE Cooktops

GE cooktops are in no way inferior to other big name cooktops when it comes to features. Crafted and engineered with latest technology, GE assures the best cooking experience. Given below are some of the latest features you will find in GE cooktops.

  • In the latest Induction Cooktop GE CAFÉ Series CHP9536SJSS model, GE has introduced Glide Touch Control System for accurate and instant temperature settings. At just a swipe or a single tap, you can set the cooking temperature. This feature for sure will make cooking much easier and more fun, as well as enhancing the looks of the cooktop to a great extent.
  • SyncBurners is another useful and important feature that increases the flexibility of your cooktop. This feature allows you to simultaneously sync two burners and distribute even heat so that it can accommodate larger pans or griddles. This feature is available in induction, electric and gas cooktops.
  • Control Lock feature ensures safety in your kitchen. It prevents accidental or unintended activation. Also a useful feature if you have kids in your home. This feature is also available in induction, electric and gas cooktop.
  • Each burner has their own control buttons and also you can set a timer differently for all burners.
  • Latest GE electric cooktops features an excellently designed Backlit Knobs. They are designed strikingly with a pop of light from the backlit. Not only they enhance the looks/appearance of the cooktop, but make controlling the settings a breeze.
  • In its latest gas cooktop GE CAFÉ SERIES CGU366SEHSS, GE introduced a new burner type called the Dual Stack Burners. This sealed burner can deliver cooking temperature from as low as 140F to as high as 18000 BTU, suitable for cooking all kinds of food items.
  • GE electric cooktops and induction cooktops can deliver cooking temperature from as low as warm/melt to boiling temperature of up to 3700 Watts. While GE gas cooktops can deliver cooking temperatures between 140 degree F to 20000 BTU. However, the cooking temperatures may vary depending on the model, check out the different models and choose the one that best fits you.
  • Not only GE cooktops are elegant in design, but they are built to last for years. Maintain and cleaning is also a breeze.

Additional Perks- Why Choose GE Cooktops?

As for me, I like buying things from a branded, well established company/manufacturer as it gives me that peace of mind. By peace of mind I mean we find less reason to worry buying things from a well established and popular company like GE. Most of the time deliveries are done on time, and if any problem arises regarding the delivery of the product or receiving a faulty item, they made it very easy to handle such issues through their smart customer help center.

Why I am very much convinced by GE cooktops is that GE is a company that serves worldwide (most of the major countries). GE also offers satisfying warranty on all the cooktops it manufactures (limited warranty period may differ depending on the model).  And the best part is that all the parts, filters and accessories of all the cooktop models GE produced are available easily. Very powerful, highly functional, rich in features, backed up by smart customer service worldwide, I couldn’t ask for more.