GE CGP650SETSS Café 36” Stainless Steel Gas Burner Cooktop

Last modified on November 25th, 2020 at 8:23 pm

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GE CGP650SETSS Café 36”No muss, no fuss. Designed to make cooking more comfortable and enjoyable, this five-burner stainless steel gas cooktop works on propane or natural gas and comes with a tough steel body. It comes with sealed burners to avoid the spillage from leaking into the cooktop. The spills are collected under the cast iron grates for easy clean up. This cooktop is dishwasher-safe, another feature that makes cleaning so much easier. The control lock and child lock features prevent accidental activation while cleaning.

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Six Reasons Why GE CGP650SETSS Is a Top-Rated Cooktop

  • Sealed burners keep the spillovers from invading the cooktop, which makes cleaning easier.
  • The Cast iron griddle is non-stick and therefore it is best for making pancakes, frying bacon and eggs.
  • The three-in-one burner, which has 20000 BTU, allows efficient boiling by accelerating at an amazingly great speed.
  • The small burners are very good for precisely simmering delicate food.
  • The dishwasher-safe knob makes cleaning easier.
  • The blue LED backlit knobs indicates when the burners are on.

I Get All My Needs In One Cooktop

GE_CGP650SETSS_Café_36_inchGetting all your cooking requirements in one cooktop  is definitely one good reason why you should consider this 5-burner gas cooktop. Regardless of how big the size of your family is, the 20000 BTU tri-burner will definitely make cooking easier and a lot faster. Food boiling over is something that happens to us many times while cooking in spite  of how careful we are and we end up  spending a lot of time cleaning the cooktop. On this cooktop, cleaning gets far easier because of the sealed burners, which collects the spillage below the griddle. You can wash the cooktop like other wares because it is

You will thank this cooktop for its versatile feature and performance. There are times when we need to stew
or simmer delicate food items like sauces, pancakes and chocolate. This cooktop will perfectly melt delicacies for you without burning them. Ability to cook different varieties of food simultaneously is just great when I invite my friends or relatives for weekend parties. I even lay out finger-food to warm on the griddle and set the flame to the lowest level when we have in-house parties on rainy evenings. Works perfect every time!

Dimensions of the cooktop

Assembled depth in inches is 20.75, height is 3.25, and width is 36. All the burners except No. 2 and No. 4 have different thermal units. Burner No. 1 has 11000 British Thermal Unit (BTU), No.2 and No.4 has 9100 BTU, No.3 has 5000 BTU and No.5 has 20000 BTU.

What We Like 

  • This cooktop scores brownie points for its attractive design with lots of amazing features too.
  • The speed at which it heats up is really commendable. It has incredible settings for simmer and low heating.
  • The fact that this cooktop is dishwashable makes cleaning easier as it can be washed like other wares.
  • The blue light indicator works well as a reminder when we forget to turn off the gas and against accidental triggering while cleaning the cooktop.

Improvement Areas

  • The grills are a little heavy.
  • The height of the griddle, which is 3 inches from the base of the stove, is a little high for people with short stature.
  • A Spacious countertop is required to place this sturdy cooktop.

It must be noted here that most of these disadvantages are not performance related.

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My Verdict:

You should get the best value for your needs. You almost cook everyday and when your cooktop is not performing as per your requirement, cooking would be a tough work. This cooktop is costly compared with some others. However, considering its appearance, quality, style and performance, I rather burn hole in my pocket and make the right choice.

Comparison: GE Cafe Series CGP650SETSS 36 Inch Vs. GE Cafe Series CGP350SETSS 30 Inch

The Primary difference between GE CGP650SETSS and CGP350SETSS is the overall width of the cooktop and the BTU (British thermal unit) with two burners. If you’ll often use all the burners and need maximum heat, GE Cafe Series 36 inch is your cooktop.

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