Camping GasOne GS-3000 Portable Butane Canister Stove

GasOne GS-3000

GasOne GS-3000 Portable Gas Stove with Color Box, Black

Our home now can be called an electrical home. Most of the things that we use, whether it be home appliances or gadgets and devices are now electrically powered. This includes even our home kitchen. With the coming of electrically powered kitchen appliances, working or doing daily kitchen chores are made easier and faster, in addition to making our kitchen look more elegant and tidier.

Modern electrical appliances and devices have indeed made our living more entertaining and a lot easier. Filling your home with modern electrical gadgets and appliances are rather turning out to be a necessity for every modern home. Most of the home appliances and gadgets that were popular and commonly used decade back are now replaced with new, technologically more advanced models. But there are also those people who choose to stick with the old models for the love of the product, or for their own reasons unknown. Not surprisingly, old gadgets, devices and appliances have their own advantages and benefits over newly modified/upgraded models.

While most of the modern kitchens these days are upgrading to electric stoves, I consider having a backup or emergency gas stove will only add to your benefits. Here, I am introducing you to a portable gas stove that can be used as a backup/emergency cooktop, or a stove that is perfect for camping use- the GasOne GS-3000 Portable Gas Stove.

Specifications and Features of GasOne GS-3000 Portable Stove

  • Portable single burner butane canister gas stove.
  • Powerful stove that produces 10,000 BTU per hour.
  • Made for durability with stainless steel, shiny and elegant finish.
  • This stove is CSA certified, licensed for commercial indoor use and outdoor/camping use.
  • Matchstick/lighter free automatic piezo ignition starter.
  • Instantly adjustable hi-low flame.
  • Equipped with safety lock and automatic shut-down pressure sensor.
  • Windshield, wind protector circular ring to protect the flame when burning outdoors.
  • Stable and sturdy cooking grate that can hold small to big pan size.
  • Overall dimension is 13.5 in x 11.2 in x 4.4 inches, weight- 3.1 pounds.
  • Type of fuel- butane, 8 oz-227 g (butane canister sold separately).

Plus Points of Owing GasOne Portable Stove

Even if your kitchen is an electrical kitchen, you will at one point of time surely feel the need of having a gas backup stove. Gas cooktop which is regarded as the most commonly used cooktop decades back is still popular and a favorite cooktop for many. The following point wise analysis will prove why every modern kitchen should have one.

  • As a backup or emergency cooktop of your electric cooktop.
  • For outdoor cooking- at the patio, backyard, camping, boating, tailgating, fishing, etc.
  • Grilling, barbequing, roasting work best in open fire. Electric cooktops do not have open flame.
  • Several pans cannot be used with electric cooktops as they have a flat glass top. There is no such issue with gas stove.
  • Gas stove provides consistent and instant adjustable flame require for precision cooking.

GasOne GS-3000 indide

Perfect Camping Gas Stove

As the manufacturer stated, this GasOne stove is especially designed for outdoor use, while it is also safe for commercial home use or emergency home use. The compact design and the sturdy builtup material of this product made it more fitting for outdoor use. If you want two burners stove, we highly recommend Camp Chef Explorer 2.

There are also portable electric cooktop models designed for outdoor cooking. But, electrical outlets are difficult to find outdoors, and also electric cooktops produce no flame that adds to the disadvantages of cooking outdoors.

With this butane canister stove, you are set and ready to go outdoors. The powerful burner that produce 10,000 BTUs can handle all your cooking efficiently. What made this model more striking is the windshield ring that blocks the wind when cooking at open space keeping the flame stable. You also get a handy shipping/storage case. I couldn’t ask for more at such an affordable price.