Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Review – 30″ Ideal Cooktop for Big Family

Frigidaire FGIC3067MB


Many have realized the advantages and benefits of induction cooktop over other cooktop models and upgraded to it in the recent years. Here, I’m not saying induction cooktop is better than other types of cooktop, and I’m also aware that our choice of cooktop may also differ. You might choose to stick with the ever popular gas cooktop while I may prefer induction cooktop such as Frigidaire FGIC3067MB over gas and non-induction electric cooktops for my own reasons.

When we look at the features, benefits, designs, conveniences, safety, etc. and compare between the cooktops available today, induction cooktop occupies the top position. But again, it’s up to you to choose the cooktop that you want. Most common mistakes that people do while choosing a cooktop is going by the looks/design or modern features, instead of checking their cooking needs and requirements prior to buying. This is the root cause for the disappointment and dissatisfaction that will soon follow once you start using the cooktop. Therefore, you must know how you will be using the cooktop and what your cooking needs and requirements are.

Many modern kitchens these days keep portable induction cooktop as emergency/backup cooktop. If you love induction cooking and are convenient using induction cooktops, it is high time to upgrade your kitchen with induction cooktop as the primary cooktop. The Frigidaire FGIC3067MB model is a full capacity induction cooktop designed for family use; a cooktop designed to bring a smile while cooking in the kitchen.

Why Frigidaire FGIC3067MB 30 Inches is the Best Choice for Big Family?

It is every mom’s dream to own an efficient and a reliable cooktop for hassle-free cooking. And it’s true that a smart choice cooktop can simplify kitchen chores, especially cooking considerably. Out of the many cooktop models out there in the market, Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Black Gallery is one model designed to meet your core cooking needs and demands. In this FGIC3067MB review I choose it as the best among many induction cooktops, taking into account its size, design, features, handiness and performance, which are elaborated below.

30 Inches Induction Cooktop with 4 Powerful Burners

For my family, the Frigidaire 30 inches Gallery model that supports 4 different size burners exactly meets our needs. A 36 inches cooktop with 5 burners occupy much space, and I don’t really feel the need of the extra burner I will get in it. I’ve never used all the 4 burners simultaneously (because I haven’t got the opportunity to). 2 burners easily take care of all my cooking most of the time; the third burner comes into play only when I’m in hurry or when I have guest. I really like the design and its sleek look. It has a dimension of 21.5 (depth) x 4.4 (height) x 30.8 (width) inches. It fits gracefully, looking radiant as ever on my countertop. It is the one item in my kitchen that I own with pride, and the one that truly make my kitchen look more modern.

Don’t you underestimate the power of this cooktop. This cooktop can get very powerful and it really works wonder. The four burners are of different size to accommodate different pan size and are powered with different Watt to enable you to cook all kinds of food in perfection. The burner located at Front Right is the main burner and the most powerful one. It has a cooking diameter of 10 inches and supports cooking temperature between 2500 to 3400 Watts. The Right Rear burner is the smallest size burner with a cooking diameter of 6 inches and provides cooking temperature from 1450 to 2000 Watts. The Left Front burner has 7 inches cooking diameter and cooking temperature starts from 1800 till 2600 Watts. The Left Rear burner can accommodate pans up to 8 inches and you can switch between cooking temperature of 2300-3200 Watts.

Energy Efficient and Fast Cooking- Energy Saving

Induction cooking is now regarded as the future of cooking. And one key factor that differentiates induction cooktop from other types of cooktop is its energy efficient nature. Energy efficiency is at its best in induction cooking. This is because in induction cooking, the heat is not supplied by external element. The cooking pan itself is the heat generator. Therefore no heat is lost. When we compare the energy efficiency between induction cooktop, electric cooktop and gas cooktop, it reads 84%, 73% and 40% respectively.

This energy efficient nature enabled one important cooking aspect- faster cooking. Since there is no heat lost, it consequently cooks food faster. It is said that induction cooktop cooks food twice faster the speed of other types of cooktop. My Frigidaire 30 Inches Induction Cooktop has made life at kitchen pleasant and now I spend lesser time in the kitchen preparing food for my family. Making breakfast for the family is easy and fast now. Also the energy bill has been reduced at a fair amount.

Exceptional Temperature Control for Versatile Cooking

Professional chefs have high praise for gas cooktop as it allows instant temperature changes and constant temperature control. And if you are thinking induction cooktops lack in this department, you are again on the losing side. Modern technologies are smart, in fact, smarter than you think.

The Frigidaire FGIC3067MB is equipped with smartest technology to make cooking efficient, constant and instant. Controlling and setting the cooking temperature is infact easier than gas cooktop. The cooking temperature of this cooktop change constantly and instantly at a touch of the digital button. It provides all the temperature that you might need for cooking any kinds of dishes. At the press of a button, you can jump directly from low temperature to highest temperature instantly and vice versa. I haven’t faced any difficulty or problem whatsoever while cooking with this cooktop.

Glass-Touch Easy Control, Lock Function, Timer, Keep Warm & Hot Surface Light Indicator

The four burners of this cooktop have separate glass-touch control slew pads located at the center front. You can select different cooking temperature for each burner. Handling or giving command had never been easier. Simply touch the power pad and then select your desired cooking temperature by touching the up/down slew pad.

To make your cooking easier, faster, safer and up to date, this cooktop offers other useful features. Once you have set the cooking temperature to your desired setting, you can lock the control board to avoid accidental command. This will also add safety to your kitchen if you have kids or pets around. You can also let the cooktop cook your food automatically by setting the right temperature and setting the cooking time through the timer button. The cooktop also features hot surface light indicator to prevent hand burn. The keep warm button will keep your food warm and fresh; ready to be served anytime you want.

Easy to Clean with Smooth Ceramic Glass Top

This is one of the best parts of owning an induction cooktop. Cleaning a cooktop has never been easier. Prior to owning this induction cooktop, cleaning my gas cooktop was a real burden. Now I can wipe it clean in a minute and keep it shining.

Take a look at the specifications and technical details at the table below.

Features, Specifications & Technical Details of Frigidaire FGIC3067MB 30” Induction Cooktop


30-3/4″ (Width) x 21-1/2″ (Depth) x 4-3/8″ (Height)



Induction cooktop, drop-in


4 different size burners- 6”, 7”, 8” and 10” cooking diameter, cooking temperature starting from 1450-3400Watts



Voltage Rating

240/208 V 60 Hz

Amps requirement

Minimum circuit 40A

Cooking Timer


Safety Lock


Control Panel

Separate digital control panel for each burner

Automatic Shut Down

The cooktop will shut down automatically when the pan is taken down or when excess food overspill
Warm Function

Turn on the keep warm feature to keep food hot and fresh

Energy Efficiency

84 %

Fast cooking

Cooks twice faster than other types of cooktop
Easy cleaning

Ceramic glass top for fast easy cleaning




Best Family Cooktop at the Cheapest Price

This is the cooktop that you can rely on for any major cooking. I also find this cooktop cheaper than other similar models. At the same time it offers all the useful features to make my everyday cooking easy, fast and convenient. Investing on this cooktop will be worth every penny you spent for. Make your kitchen look more modern, but more importantly make cooking east with the Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Induction Cooktop.

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