Bayou SQ14 is one Classic Patio Stove Single Burner


Bayou Patio Stoves are among the most reliable stoves for outdoor cooking. It is ultra portable and can be a perfect choice for camping and backyard parties.


Bayou Classic Outdoor Patio Stoves like Bayou classic SP10 and Bayou SQ14 brought an interesting innovation for outdoor cooking. In fact, it seemed more like a revolutionary brand to which almost every outdoor party was switching to for their fun cooking outdoors.

These outdoor cooking stoves are well designed for strength, function and safety while still retaining its position as one of the most efficient outdoor gas stove available in the market. This innovation did greatly increase their popularity and productivity too. Their cooking stoves have the look of simplicity and also the fancy nice touch of convenience for any outdoor cooking. And among them, here’s something about my favorite.

Innovative Features Of Bayou SQ14

  • It has a 13 inch tall heavy gauge welded steel frame which makes the unit very sturdy and firm
  • 16 inch cooking surface area which allows all types of cooking to be done
  • Sturdy enough to fit any size of cookware, stockpot, steamer, fryer or griddle
  • The square framed design of the top surface allows for heavy and large stockpots. This design incorporates what we call the windscreen also as the supporting structure
  • 29 inch Hose, strong enough to connect from your gas source
  • 5 PSI Regulator which allows proper supply of gas to the stove
  • The convenient and airy spacing allows the flame to burn easy and nice, which heats up the pot very quickly and cook efficiently
  • The flames or the supply of heat is easily adjustable as per your requirement
  • These stoves are mostly designed for use with easily portable 20-pound LP Gas Cylinders

Some Important Points / What To Expect

  • It works great as long as you don’t experience wind that is too strong, which might blow out the flame while cooking. There is no wind protection for this unit so the slightest breeze makes the flame flutter. It is advisable to use windscreen to keep the flame burning steady at a windy place. (I made a DIY windscreen myself for this stove and other backpacking stoves, it’s fun! :))
  • Note that you may burn off the paint, the first few times of use. There will be burnt-paint debris. So be a little careful and do provide sufficient ventilation. However, maintenance is easy.
  • It may not be very advisable to use it indoors. Carbon monoxide outputs are likely to be dangerous in a closed space in case it is not well ventilated. But if you have a spacious kitchen, you need not have worries.
  • The unit is heavy since it is made of quality steel. But to think of it, it only adds up to the stability of the unit and yes reliability of the product. The leg-stands are very sturdy which enables it to balance heavy pots on it.
  • My only complaint would be the threads on the aluminum burner which gets the regulator-hose screw a little chewed up. But once you get it screwed in, everything works very perfectly.

Why We Recommend Bayou Classic Single Burner Stove?

  • Specially designed for all types of outdoor cooking. This burner has topped in the market for quite some time now. And still remains one of the most popular outdoor propane stoves.
  • Instantly adjustable from simmering to a hot-blasting flame
  • Made of durable molding and well-designed for a long lifetime of strong, trouble free service
  • Well- built and strong enough to hold any cookware.
  • This Stove can be used with optional slide-on extensions for the leg-stand and detachable shelves– resulting in the ultimate choice for outdoor stoves
  • Portable enough for camping, RV’s, tailgating, picnics and for backyard parties
  • The gas-handling parts for this unit seems to be of pretty good quality
  • The price for this unit is a very good deal. Be assured it’s worth the price. And it is very affordable anyway.
  • And the manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty. You could probably say, risk free

Product Specifications of Bayou Classic Single Burner Patio Stove

  • Product Weight – 18lb
  • Product Height (in inch) – 13
  • Color – Black
  • Fuel type – Propane gas


This is a spectacular propane stove, uncomplicated and powerful enough for outdoor purposes. The product is just apt and wonderful. It really works well and efficiently. For big families or those who need more burner spaces at a time for indoor cooking, GE CGP350SETSS 30 Stainless Gas Cooktop is an excellent choice.


I would strongly recommend this particular Model -SQ14 if you are in search of an excellent outdoor stove that works amazingly well.

Hope my review helps you save a lot of your time, energy and hopefully helps you save some money too.

Enjoy cooking with Bayou Classic and keep sharing.