It’s Fagor America; Pro Portable Induction Cooktop 670041900



Often been impatient trying to get the milk or the court-bouillon to a boil? And because you simply cannot leave it to boil over, you got to hang around. Isn’t that irritatingly sluggish? Well, now it takes me just a jiffy to bring my cooking to a churning boil. My Fagor induction cooktop is perfect for quick cooking, whether it be pasta, sea food or vegetables. For a kitchen appliance, this cooktop can heat up quick and prompt.



Weighing a mere 6 pounds, the Fagor Portable induction cooktop is fairly easy to carry it whenever I plan to have an outdoor cooking. And measuring round about 15 x 11.8 x 2.3 inches, the cooktop has an irresistibly stylish and neat look which was why I wanted to get it in the first place. So that, I would have that added element of silky sleekness in my kitchen. And yet it is as durable and powerful too.

Versatile Heating Power

For a cooktop with 1800 watt power consumption, it has a good temperature range of 140F to 465F. And the cooking temperatures are handily controlled by 8 quick launch-buttons: ranging from a perfect stir-fry temperature to a moderating warmness.

Well, do not be misguided by my simplicity in featuring its temperature levels. Other than Stir- fry and warm, it is also explicitly designed with specific heat levels for searing, browning, sautéing, rapid boiling, normal boiling as well as simmering.

And the precision of temperature, like every induction should be, is astonishing. I find that my cooktop heats up and cools down in a matter of seconds. The induction era has dawned. Induction technology, as you know has considerably cut out overheating hazards and other inconveniences.

Well, other than the burner surface right beneath the cookware bottom, the cooktop remains cool all over. So I no longer get suffocated while cooking like I usually do when my previous cooktop heats up the room. I say this is a significant upgrade from my old to new. Cool, ain’t it?



Safety Features with Fagor America Cooktop

With my new induction cooktop, I need not worry about my cat walking over the burner and getting herself burnt, like I did worry before because it has happened on more occasions than one. Unless a ferromagnetic cookware is placed on the burner, it does not heat up. It is the burner sensor that automatically shuts off the unit if no cookware is detected, making it way safer to use. The child safety lock is also another useful feature to note.

Glass Smooth and Easy to Clean

If you must furbish your kitchen, make it the Fagor induction cooktop. Its finesse is reflected in its sleek appearance and smooth touch along with the digital display, easy on the eyes and easy to control. It is also easy to wipe the greasy spills off the smooth glass surface that remains cool enough not to burn up splatters into sticky grime.

Energy Efficiency and Reliability

The Fagor America 670041900 Portable Induction Pro Cooktop is highly energy efficient with the ability to use 90% of the energy consumed. And as compared, this precision and instantaneous heating of the cooktop makes induction cooking about 50% more energy efficient than normal cooktops. Well, think of it, induction cooking saves much more energy as well as time. It is also noteworthy that the Fagor Potable Cooktop is ETL approved in Canada and the USA. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a one year warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Preset heat levels with specific temperature setting
  • Touch panel for accurate temperature control
  • Induction special – heat regulation that keeps outside surface cool to touch
  • Convenient portability, lightweight and compactly sized
  • Decent safety features
  • Built-in timer up to a maximum time span of 180 minutes
  • High energy efficiency
  • 1 year warranty


  • Well, it did take me more than a couple of tries to get used to the intensity of temperature.

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Why I call it an Elite Choice?

Powerful and versatile, the Fagor America induction pro 1800Watt cooktop is easy to use, dynamic, and convenient as can be. In style and functionality, the cooktop has an innovative brilliance to it. Besides, if you want to cook up your outdoor meals with dexterity, this Fagor induction cooktop is worth considering. I am done with cumbersome portable cooktops when cooking outdoors, now I dote on the Fagor Portable induction cooktop; easy to set up anywhere I like. And what I count as an added advantage, I can use pan sizes big enough to boil pastas. At its price point, the cooktop does have advanced features, you probably weren’t expecting. Check it out. I would love to recommend the cooktop. If you love cooking, say intense cooking, you would love it.