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A List of Well-Favored Induction Cooktops with 2 Burners

This range of Induction cooktops is a hot favorite amongst people who live in smaller apartment complexes, studio apartments, dorm rooms, and for people who have their home on wheels. One reason for this popularity is because a 2 burner induction cooktop is portable as well as convenient. Typically, we don’t cook more than two items in one go. This is because cooking demands attention, and regardless of how ambidextrous we are, we can never be too careful.

Without compromising on space and with as little fuss as possible, these burners are efficient as well as compatible in any home setting.

An array of select, well-designed models made the cut for this series. Check out our complete list below:

  • True Induction

True_Induction_Cooktop-2_BurnercooktopThis cooktop is rightly sized such that it doesn’t take up much counter space, but you have enough space to place two pots comfortably. It is also highly energy efficient and is ready for use straight out of the box. No fuss while installing and no requirement for a separate electrical power line.

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