Most Effective Cooktop Cleaner – For Steel, Ceramic & Glass Top

Cerama Bryte Ceramic Cooktop CleanerModern day cooktops are far superior and better in many ways than the cooktops we used decades back. Many cooktop manufacturers have produced a series of cooktop of different types, which in turn has minimized our kitchen chores and made cooking a lot easier. Apart from being elegant in looks, slim in size, smart in features and outstanding in result, the one reason why we love modern cooktops are that they are easiest to clean.

10-15 years back, gas cooktop was still the most popular and most commonly used cooktop. Yes, there are still many who stick to it, but what I mean here is- recently many have upgraded to electric cooktop, especially electric induction cooktop for convenience and added features.

Gas cooktops of olden days are hard to clean because of their design. Apart from being big and heavy; the cooking grates, full steel structure, dialing knobs, etc. add to the difficulty of cleaning it after use.

But these days, gas cooktops are modernized and like electrical cooktop models, they are also easy to clean. By using piece of cloth and a good cooktop cleaner, you can keep your cooktop sparkling and looking new after every use. Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner is an effective cooktop cleaner recommended for cleaning cooktop of all types.



Best Value Kit Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner

The Cerama Bryte Best Value Kit is an All-in-One fully packed cooktop cleaner suitable for cleaning cooktop of different types- steel, ceramic and glass. The cooktop cleaning agent is capable of removing tough stains. Not only it removes stains, but it will keep your cooktop shining and looking new.

This value kit includes 28 oz Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaner, 1 scraper+pad combo, 10 cleaning pads and 2 oz burnt-on grease remover.

Food over-spills, hard water stain, burnt-on stain, etc. can leave your precious cooktop in a mess. And without the help of a cleaning agent, you will find it difficult to remove those stains. The best way to clean your cooktop and make it last longer is by cleaning it frequently. Food spills or burnt-on stains should be removed/cleaned immediately, if not the stain may become permanent or hard to remove.

Few drops of Cerama Bryte Cleaning Agent can remove tough stains easily. The Cleaning Pads are designed for cleaning all types of stain and will last you months. For cleaning hard stains or burnt-on stains, you can use the included scraper + cleaning pad combo. Also the burnt-on grease remover 2 oz is specially designed to remove burnt-on stains. With this value kit cooktop cleaner, cleaning your cooktop will be easy and your cooktop will retain its new look for years.