Camp Chef Explorer EX-60LW Review- Great 2 Burner Camping Gas Stove



I always like the idea of cooking outdoors. It is so much fun cooking in the open air with friends or families, trying out some new food recipes. It can create a wonderful environment where we all can enjoy and have fun. It is one good way to relieve your work stress and keep yourself happy.

Nowadays, cooking outdoors is a common activity. Every now and then, we cook at our patio or we go for a picnic and camping out of doors. This is where a portable outdoor cooktop fits in. The Camp Chef Explorer Series EX-60LW is truly worth considering if you are in the hunt for a portable outdoor cooktop, or if you are looking to upgrade your outdoor cooktop.

Camp Chef EX-60LW Outdoor Gas Stove

This model from camp Chef is designed especially for outdoor cooking purposes. As a model designed for outdoor purposes, this unit is made of full body steel for extreme durability. One feature that distinguishes this model from other similar units is the powerful dual cast aluminum burners. Each burner can produce a powerful 30000 BTUs to handle all your major cooking well in time. It provides a spacious cooking space of 448 square inches cooking area. On each burner, you can place a pot/pan with a diameter of up to 16 inches side by side and cook comfortably.

The burning flame stays steady even in the open air because the stove has a three sided windscreen. Furthermore, the cast aluminum burner is protected by steel ring for total air protection. For your convenience, the stove comes with a removable leg. Fixing or attaching the leg/stand is easy, and is firm enough to hold the weight of pot that fits the burners. For safety purposes, there is also a heat shield underneath the burner so that placing the stove on a wooden table will not be an issue. You can conveniently remove the legs when not needed. The stove comes with a regulator and a 3 foot hose for connection with propane tank.

Other useful extra accessories such as carry bag, griddle, grill box, folding side shelf, etc. are available from the same manufacturer. These accessories are designed to fit the Camp Chef stoves.

Specs and Features

  • Dual 30000 BTU cast aluminum burner.
  • 3 sided windscreen.
  • Full body steel construction.
  • 448 square inches cooking area.
  • Fits pan of up to 16 inches diameter.
  • Regulator and 3 foot hose.
  • 34 inches removable leg.
  • Acute temperature control.

Camp Chef Explorer EX-60LW




Size, Weight and Color

As designed for outdoor use, this stove comes in great shape and size. It has an overall dimension of 34 (H) x 16 (L) x 9 (W) and the weight is 22.5 pounds. You can comfortably move it around the patio or backyard, or pack it and go camping. This model is available in black color.

Lighting Up and Temperature Control

For your knowledge, this outdoor stove does not have a built-in igniter. This means you would have to light it up the old fashion way. You can light it up using a match stick, or the best way is to buy a gas lighter which is available easily at a cheap price.

Each burner has a separate knob to control the cooking temperature. With a powerful heat output of up to 30000 BTU, you can cook almost all types of food on this stove. Controlling the temperature is easy and instant. All you have to do is dial the knob and set the desired cooking temperature. It is best suited for canning, boiling, frying, searing, etc.

Great Patio and Camping Stove

The Camp Chef Explorer EX-60LW will be a great addition in your patio or for camping use. Its rugged and robust construction along with powerful dual 30000 BTU burners made it the No.1 choice for outdoor cooking. On top of that, this model is a standout for its cheap price too.

You can place it fittingly at the patio or backyard and enjoy cooking and eating with friends and families all summer. And when it is time for picnic or camping, pack it along and have a nice time out in the woods.