A Bosch Cooking Dash On The NIT5066UC Induction Cooktop

Last modified on April 12th, 2021 at 5:57 am

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If you are wondering what the best kitchen upgrades would be induction cooktop is one modern innovation worth considering. And considering kitchen interiors, Bosch is one brand that I choose for its sleek design features. Well, as in every modern kitchen, managing space is certainly one key concern for me. And Bosch NIT5066UC made the perfect fit for my kitchen design for more than a few reasons.

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The Bosch 500 cooktop comes in four multi-burner elements that work great for any sort of diverse cooking. This 30” induction cooktop has quite the ideal cooktop dimension for varied cuisines and that coupled with the ideal burner placing, makes it the perfect cooking appliance I have owned so far. When it comes to cooking space, I finally got what I was hunting for such a long time my new Bosch.

The cooktop requires a cut out size of just 28 ¾ x 20 x 4 1/8 inches. And in contrast to GE, my other option, the clearance beneath my Bosch is minuscule allowing more drawer-space directly under the countertop. Most cooktops requires as much as 6 to 12 inches of clearance beneath it making you lose a good amount of space and functionality. My initial concern that it could heat up the cabin proved needless as no amount of intensive cooking have even remotely warmed up so far.

Weighing a solid 48 pounds, the lustrous design of the ceramic cooktop has not lost its sheen even with a yearlong of intense usage. And not to mention, it was worth falling in love with this 31 x 21 ¼ x ¼ + 4 1/8 inches induction cooktop. It stands sleek adding a modern touch to my kitchen furnishing. The unit comes with a 37 inch long power cord.


In the present era, induction cooktops are of course a boon for many passionate cooks who are ever pressed for time. Living on a tight schedule too, I value features like speed-booster and individual timer-system; perhaps one of the reasons why it is emerging popularly in the US market. Well, let us discover the ultimate Bosch sophistication.

Four Brilliant Cooking Zones

This Bosch Induction cooktop has four burner elements that feature excellent precision, powerful as well as steadfast. The cooktop is powered by as much as 3600 Watt and is equipped with automated sensors that add a professional touch. Its burners include two bigger sized ones and two smaller ones. Note that the burner placing is such that the biggest sized burner is strategically centered, making all the cooking pans easily accessible while cooking.

Any serious cook would surely know the importance of having absolute control over cooking temperature. Incidentally, temperature setting is induction cooktops require a little adjustment period if you have never used flameless cooking because unlike gas cooktops, you cannot determine the heat that the pot is receiving visually. The Bosch 500 cooktop is especially easy to adjust and can be conveniently dealt with in this regard.

Heat Settings

The burners together have excellent versatility in terms of temperature settings. Each burner, with a range of settings, has the ability to boil water superfast (with speed-boosting feature) and can also bring your sauces and chocolaty delicacies to a smooth simmer.

Shuffling between chores, I have to guiltily admit I spill and burn much of the food I cook now and then. As frequently normal as it may seem, it is not always safe to be absent minded. The anti-overheat features sure does come in handy.  Yes, despite the cooktop’s powerful heating ability, I have never felt safer having an induction cooktop with overheat sensors.

Built-in Individual Timers 

This feature makes it possible to simultaneously cook different items and delicacies on different burners all at the same time. Though it is not advisable to overdo the cooking by setting all burners to maximum temperature, the cooktop sure has excellent flexibility in diverse cooking. Program each burner according to the requirement of the food you cook; one to poach, the other to simmer and yet another to a bubbling boil while actually steaming up your fresh veggies on the fourth burner. Well, you are all set to go on a cooking spree.


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Safety Features

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Induction technology is of course one of the most innovative cooking appliances with the safest functionality. And when it comes to ensuring absolute cooking safety, Bosch would probably score one of the aces.


The cooktop also features spillage sensors as well. The glass surface can act as sensors to detect spills and moisture. You can be sure that whenever your food boils over and you are not around, the cooktop will do the job of shutting down automatically for you. Yes, saved from all the laborious task of scrubbing and cleaning up all the spillage mess.

Residual Heat Indicator

One of the most common accidents in the kitchen is, I believe, burnt skin from hot surfaces. . if you cook regularly, you have of course experienced one of those sore blisters, ouch! Well, one safe trait of induction cooking is flameless magic. The burner elements do not retain heat when you cook, so it is practically cool or just warm almost all the time.

But with intense cooking, it is normal for the cooktop surface to warm up. Especially if you have multiple cooking sessions, it could easily heat up. But Bosch had the practicalities in mind too. Whenever that happens, the heat indicator flashes on to warn you against touching the surface.

Child Safety Lock Function

And if you are still not convinced how safe it is with your kids around, note, it also comes equipped with the child safety lock which prevents it from accidentally switching on. So you can well be one of the most tension free parents when it comes to having your kids roam free about your home, especially the accident-prone kitchen area.

Energy Efficiency

Induction technology is such that heat is induced directly on the cookware alone, giving no space for energy wastage. Highly energy efficient therefore you will be saving a considerable amount of energy cost with induction cooktop and is one reason I think my cooktop is worth investing in. Moreover induction cooking does not transfer heat to the surrounding air and so when hot whether comes around, you can be rest assured you have a much cooler cooking experience.


Cleaning this cooktop is heavenly compared to my previous electric coil cooktop. It was a fantastic upgrade from a messy boil-overs ugly, drip pans and burned-on food to glassy clean cooking. With this induction cooktop, there is minimal cleaning to do. Except for what the manufacturers have advised, against sugar spills and tomato sauces, it cleans sleek and easy just by wiping with a damp cloth.

In addition, do take care not to casually place hot pans on the cooktop surface, because it leaves slight marks. And be guarded against paper towels when your food splatters because, it may leave quilted patterned on the sleek surface. It is far more convenient to do all the cleaning of oil splatters after the cooking is done because the anti-spill sensor is very efficient and immediately springs into action if you clean the cooktop with a damp cloth while cooking. Well, I have learned to give up my fussy habit of cleaning up while cooking.


  • The touch controls may not be as sensitive as many of us expect, but it is just a matter of how soon you get used to it. And you certainly cannot slide through the control but once you get used to it, all the repeated pressing would lessen.
  • The burners are a little choosy about the pan sizes.

What Else to Expect

  • The cooktop requires a 30 amp breaker.
  • At high temperature, there could be a slight humming but it is nothing much to worry about.
  • If you are boiling some soup or cooking something for considerably long time, you probably need to be on the look-out checking the cooktop does not switch off midway. If any steam or moisture is detected by the glass surface-sensor, it chances to shut off on its own. So when it does happen, it mustn’t worry you in fact because it is only the anti-spill, a safety feature at work.

Why Have The Bosch Way?

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If you’re considering on investing in your cooking appliances, this is one appliance I would recommend. Definitely better than conventional electric coil cooktops or gas cooktops and to top it, such elegance are made for the aesthetically conscious modern cook. Neither of the two types of cooktops can compete with induction in speed and consistency, safety and flexibility.

If you are on the look-out for a reliable cooktop, I would vouch for Bosch NIT5066UC. The price is certainly not insignificant, but I say, it is worth every penny that I invested on it. What is more, the product has been CSA certified.

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