2020’s Must-Have Gas Cooktop with Griddle – 30 and 36 Inch list

Why is deciding a favorite gas cooktop with griddle so tricky? For me, that’s mostly because I use griddle everyday and I expect a good quality griddle to be included with those pricey branded gas cooktops which is not always the case.

The best two cooktops we review here have griddle as an integrated accessories and not add-ons. Integrated griddles will always outperform those add-ons griddles.

Based on our experiences, grueling researches and testing we have chosen 3 cooktops to help you decide your best gas cooktop with griddle and grill. The main deciding factors to choose these cooktops are quality, performance and price.

If you are looking for a great center burner

Samsung NA30K6550TS 5 Burner Gas Cooktop

Frigidaire Professional FPGC3077RS 30 inch Gas Cooktop, our #1 pick

Over the years, my appreciation for Frigidaire products has tremendously increased for their consistent efforts to cut price without compromising on quality.

Frigidaire Professional FPGC3077RS 30 is a very stylish and ergonomically designed 30 inch gas cooktop with 5 burners. This cooktop looks like a 36 inch gas cooktop with powerful burners. In addition, you also get a nice big griddle which is reversible.


With the PowerPlus feature heating up the griddle takes less than 2 minutes. If you’re in a hurry for breakfast you can count on it.

The cast-iron griddle is reversible; one with a plain surface and the other with slatted surface to serves different grilling needs. It’s heavy and feels durable.

The size of the griddle is big enough to cover two burners at a time. Though this griddle is not integrated like our #1 and #2 pick we still find it very practical for most grilling needs.


The burner’s power outage is quite decent with a total of 52400 BTUs. The central burner with 18200 BTUs delivers a strong performance for boiling, searing and sautéing.

The PrecisionPro control is a feature that allows low temperature cooking with precision with this cooktop. Precise temperature control is a challenge with most mid-price range gas cooktops, but this one is very efficient.

Power distribution

  • Total Power Output: 54200
  • Front Left Output:  9500 BTU
  • Back Left Output: 9500 BTU
  • Front Right Output: 12000 BTU
  • Back Right Output: 5000 BTU
  • Middle Center Burner: 18200 BTU

The burners are sealed and the continuous heavy cast-iron grates are dishwasher safe. The grates height is a bit elevated compared to other cooktops to ensure better flame control.

Areas of improvements

The flame igniter takes longer time to ignite as compared to other cooktops releasing fuel in the air before ignition. Sometimes it takes 4 – 5 clicks before it ignite the burner.

The rubber foot under the grates pops out while removing the grates for cleaning which can be improved.

Price and conclusion

Frigidaire Professional FPGC3077RS is priced below $800 on Amazon. Don’t let the price fool you. This is a solid 30 inch gas cooktop, stylish, durable and it comes with great features.

This is perhaps not the best gas cooktop with griddle and grill, but value for money-wise, this is a bargain and one of the best in its segment.

Samsung NA30K6550TS/NA30K6550TS/AA/NA30K6550TS/AA NA30K6550TS 30 Stainless 5 Burner Gas Cooktop

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Samsung NA30K6550TS 30″ Gas Cooktop, our #2 pick

You’d fall in love with this gas cooktop if griddle is a priority, and not an accessory. The griddle is an integrated part of the cooktop, more about this in a while.

Based on our deciding factors, no other 36 inch gas cooktop with griddle matches its quality, durability, performance and overall value for money.

Griddle is not just an accessory for many of us, people like me use griddle to the core. Most of my breakfast items such as eggs, pancakes, bacon, French toast, cheese sandwich, etc are not possible without griddles.

This Samsung NA30K6550TS is not the most expensive cooktop out there as compared to Samsung high-end cooktops, but offers excellent features that come handy for everyday cooking. We love the burners, griddle, and features like dishwasher safe, smartphone app, wok grate, Illuminated Knob, etc. makes it very practical and efficient.

The Griddle

The cooktop includes heavy-duty cast iron griddle looks very stylish and feels sturdy, complimented with stainless steel handles on both sides. It’s ideal for quickly and evenly sizzling, searing and sautéing.

The griddle can be positioned in the left rear and front burner, central burner or the right rear and front burner. Depending on where you place the griddle, you’ll get different power output.

Performance wise, there is a huge difference between add-ons and integrated accessories. I love how the flames are evenly spread across the griddle which is something always lacking with most cooktops that doesn’t integrate griddle.

Another two important factors to consider for a good grilling experience is power and versatility of the burner. The more powerful and versatile the burners are the better your grilling experience will be.


As we always said, there is no need to pay for high BTUs which you’ll hardly make use of. For an average size family one power burner with 17,000 BTU or a little higher, 2-3 medium power burners, and one low burner should be sufficient, even when you are entertaining guest. Anything beyond this range would mean spending a lot more money for a professional category which is of little value for day to day family cooking.

Power distribution

  • Total power: 56000 BTU
  • Burner left rear: 9500 BTU
  • Burner left front: 9500 BTU
  • Burner center: 19000 BTU
  • Burner right rear: 5000 BTU
  • Burner right front:  13000 BTU

The 5000 BTU burner is ideal for low temperature cooking. You can simmer, melt or keep food warm with precise control. Also, all the burners are sealed to prevent food or liquids from spilling and it’s easy to clean.

Other features worth mentioning

You can rest assured that you’re getting the latest and most innovative features of modern kitchen appliances with Samsung. Lets checkout some of the most appealing features of this cooktop:

Power boost function

This power boost function makes your burner even more powerful with extra boost of heat. It reduces your cooking times when the need arises.

Remote monitoring

Over a Wi-Fi connection and using a Smartphone app you can remotely monitor the cooktop or receive alerts when the timer ends. Perhaps, this is the first gas cooktop with such feature. This type of feature is more common with modern induction cooktops. Remote monitoring ensures extra safety and gives a peace of mind while using the cooktop.

However, you can’t control the cooktop, all you can do is see if it’s on or off. Still then, I find this feature very handy and use it very often when I feel lazy on checking if the burners are on.

Illuminated knob

This is another extra safety feature nicely done by Samsung; the innovative illuminated knob allows you to see if the cooktop is turn on from a distance.  The metallic knobs are very precise, stylish and simple to operate.

Wok grate

Are you a fan of wok cooking? If so, you’re going to love it. Wok cooking has always been a challenge on cooktops with flat cooking surface, now with the specially designed wok grate it’s never been easier.

Areas of improvement

The grates cover two burners at a time, which is why they’re heavy and not easy to lift up for cleaning purposes. It would be nice if we can at least turn off the gas cooktop via the app.

Price and conclusion

Price is one aspect we all have concerns, after all who likes to waste/lose money. I have seen some cooktops out there with better design and features available at cheaper price.

However, the question is – will it deliver our expectations in the long-term? Often, we get carried away with hypes buying substandard products. Unless it’s a portable 2 burner gas cooktop, you can’t expect a quality full-size cooktop for less than $500.

A price for less than $1200 on Amazon, this gas stove is a nice choice for the money. It has many features that are only available with high-end cooktops. It’s a gorgeous cooktop, with great features and value for money.

GE Cafe CGP9536SLSS 36 inch Gas Cooktop with Griddle, our #3 pick

GE offers some of the finest gas cooktops in the market with the best griddle. Our #2 pick is GE CGP9536SLSS 36″ which is a great cooktop with a nice griddle.

How’s the griddle like?

There is no fun in owing a griddle that is too small for your family needs. This is what happens with most griddles and grills that are included along with other cooktops. A few years back, I remember using a Bosh 30″ gas cooktop with grill that was too small to serve its purpose for my family members of five.

The iron-cast griddle included in this cooktop covers the entire left rear and front burners giving ample space for cooking areas. It’s feels durable, heavy, easy to cook and stylish. Its overall size suits very well with the cooktop and it’s big enough to cook a complete meal for 5 – 6 people.


One thing I can always count on with GE cooktops is their burners. They never fail to impress me and hundreds and thousands of other happy customers. The central burner is the most powerful burner with 20,000 BTUs. You can boil a liter of water in less than a minute.

Consistent low temperature cooking or simmering is very important, even more important than high temperature cooking. For the most part, we need high temperature just to start off, the need and focus is more on low temperature or simmering for home cooking.

Many manufacturers struggle to offer burners that can provide even and consistent low temperature flame. Some would even incorporate feature that turns the burner on and off automatically for very low temperature cooking. But such cooktops won’t give you even or consistent temperature.

GE cooktops are known for providing burners that can produce low temperature flame consistently. The 5000 BTU of the right rear burner is great for any low temperature cooking or simmering.

Power distribution

  • Total Power Output: 59000 BTU
  • Front Left Output: 9500 BTU
  • Back Left Output: 9500 BTU
  • Front Right Output: 15000 BTU
  • Back Right Output: 5000 BTU
  • Middle Center Burner: 20000 BTU

The burners are sealed to protect from spills and make cleaning easy and quick. You can light the burners using electronic ignition. The grates are dishwasher safe.

Other features worth mentioning

Other than the quality assurance for GE products, you can also expect some nice features with this 36 inch gas cooktop.

Fit guarantee

Upgrading or replacing cooktop is a big problem, especially for counter-inset cooktops because of its different sizes and fuel type. GE now guarantee a comparable appliances model no matter what brand cooktop you use before, otherwise they’ll help pay for the modification.

White LED backlit heavy duty knobs

To let you know which burners are on, the knobs are backlit with white LED lighting. It adds charm to the sleek design of the cooktop.

Control Lock capability

Are you worried about your cooktop from unintended activation? Well, this control clock will make your cooking experience very safe.

Quality and design

GE is a very reliable brand when it comes to quality products. This cooktop has stainless steel body and cast-iron grates. It feels sturdy and durable. They usually don’t leave much room to complain in terms of quality and safety with their products.

As for design, I’d say they don’t have the best trendy looking cooktops compared to Samsung. Nevertheless, behind every curves and designs is a technology for ultimate cooking experience. The ease to maintain, cook in comfort, and its efficiency are something which doesn’t come as a package with most manufacturers.

Price and conclusion

Based on our experience, we know this is not some hype-up product. We see value for money in this unit if your budget is around $1000. A cooktop built to impress and last.

Again, there are some higher priced cooktops with better features and design. These features are grand but won’t help much for a better cooking experience. Features that stay idle and wasted for most cooking needs and the only big difference would be paying a higher price.

Overall, GE CGP9536SLSS is an ideal cooktop for everyday cooking with just the right features, great pricing, efficiency and performance. Check for best price on Amazon.

Frigidaire Professional 30 Inch Gas, Stainless Steel 5-Burner with Liquid Propane Conversion Kit, FPGC3077RS Cooktop,

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