About Us

Welcome to our newly-conceived kitchen blog! Through this small, virtual space, we hope to share with you our love for writing, cooking, and everything random and beautiful about food. 

While we are still learning the ropes within the realm of blogging, we have come across a lot of interesting things so far. These include the basics of growing our traffic, and how we can further leverage WordPress while chronicling our kitchen adventures.

We are very excited to meet fellow food bloggers, and also share our very own recipes with you, our dearest readers. As two of the milestones we have set for the year, we will be finally authoring our first cookbook, as well as kickstart our Eat & Thrive series that features all of our meal preps.

Admittedly, there are already a lot of food blogs out there. 

So, what makes us different from the rest, then? 

Okay, here it goes…

We are happy to share with you that we are partnering with The SEO Mama, who will support us and help turn this blog into something that entertains, but at the same time something that adds value to our readers’ experience. 

They are a team of experts that you would turn to whenever you need creative solutions to any blogging or SEO problems that you face. They know all about managing and inviting website traffic, increasing online leads, and generating sales — like the back of their hand! 

All of these while putting in both “hard” work and “heart” work, to help us achieve growth that is all-organic, because that is mainly what this blog is about in the first place: Reaching real people, with real content. We just know that The SEO Mama will add more spunk to our content and give us all the help that we need.

We try to keep it short and sweet, so if you want to collaborate with us, send us a message anytime! While you’re at it, please don’t forget to check out our Affiliate Disclosure page here. 😉