Best Rated 4 Burners Frigidaire FGGC3045QS 30″ Gas Cooktop Review

Last modified on August 18th, 2021 at 9:13 am

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Frigidaire FGGC3045QS 30%22

The Frigidaire 30 inches FGGC3045QS 30″ is a four sealed burner gas cooktop with electronic pilot control system. It produces an impressive total of 36,000 BTU (British Thermal Units).

The right front burner produces up to 12,000 BTUs for high speed boiling and frying, whereas, the low simmer burner, which is located on the right rear, produces 5,000 BTUs for a steady cooking delicate food items.

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Special Features That Make This Cooktop a Great Choice For Everyone

  • Pilotless ignition and sealed burners
  • Low simmer burner
  • Ease of ready-select setting
  • Precise temperature setting
  • Individual Square grates for stability and cleanliness.

Why is Frigidaire Gas Cooktop a Preferred Choice for Many Families?

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Before buying a cooktop, I personally place the order of selecting preferences as: safety of the family members, performance & ergonomic features, and finally, the price. Let me simplify my thoughts in this manner to share my review.
This Frigidaire cooktop comes with a pilotless ignition and sealed burners. Sealed gas burner stops the spillage from invading the jet outlets. Though many opined that open burner has more heating efficiency, sealed gas burners are a lot easier to clean.
It has individual square grates for stability and ease of use of the cooktop. The ready-select setting makes your cooking easy because you can set the required temperature to cook your desired food.
It is a fact that cooking done at precise temperature control tastes better than those done at different temperatures. It has low simmer burner for delicate food like making pancakes and sauces.
The four burners in a single cooktop allow you to cook different meals at a time, which in turn saves you precious time unless you are looking for a simple single burner Gas cooktop. Besides that, the 12000 strong BTU in a burner will benefit big families because of its speed in heating. So, buying the Frigidaire FGGC3045QS is never a waste if you are looking for the best 30 inches 4 burner gas cooktop.


Spillage and boiling over while cooking is very common. To tackle this issue, the burners are sealed to avoid getting into the gas passage. If at all it threatens to smother the flame by chance, the electronic pilotless ignition keeps the flame alive. The easy-select temperature settings make cooking easy. It is capable of low simmer for delicate food. The cooktop is attractive, easy to clean and operate. For a mid-ranged price cooktop, the performance is truly excellent.


Although it has not happened to me yet, I feel that the knobs are located too close to the burners, so, there are chances of the knobs melting. The modern and sleek looking Frigidaire gas cooktop tends to get scratches and stains easily. The grates could have been better as it easily slides off. However, careful handling and good maintenance can easily solve these problems.

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My Final Thoughts

In terms of quality, looks, performance and price, the features far exceed the price tag it comes with. There’s no one who is not bothered about quality and style of the product, and there is no one who does not compare the price and the performance of different products. This Frigidaire FGGC3045QS 30 inch cooktop is one among many products at the mid-end range cooktops in the market that will never let you down.
Like many other products, this cooktop is not free from shortcomings, but its shortcomings are negligible and definitely not performance related. If you think that this cooktop meet your requirements, then this is just the right product. Take home the cooktop of your choice and be a part of many satisfied users.

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