Induction Cooktops

A Select List of the Best 30″ and 36″ Induction Cooktops

Our world is all about technology even in our cooking zone. This is precisely why we have so many modern appliances that make our cooking areas well-organized and capable. We also know that having a competent cooktop makes things so much easier for us as we get to work: boiling, frying, simmering, or sautéing. We are also acutely aware of what an incompetent cooktop can do to our perfectly planned and prepped food. If the heat is not enough, we end up with soggy food that’s tasteless and if we have a cooktop that does not respond well on the lower end, we tend to end up with burnt food, whether be it delicates like chocolate or frying spices. We also know that a good cooktop makes cooking easy as a breeze.

Buying the choicest cooktop that will fulfill each one of our cooking needs is what we all aim to achieve on our hunt for cooktops. Every posh and modern kitchen craves for sleek, classy, and beautiful. We want something modern, stylish, yet functional at the same time. The answer to these cries is the ever competent and polished induction cooktops.

Depending on the space availability of our kitchen, we need to thoroughly understand which size would be a better fit for our countertops. If you are serious about cooking, then a 30″ induction cooktop and 36″ induction cooktop would be the preferred size. This is because these sizes typically house at least 4 burners, a sure solution for multitasking. Not only that, these cooktops usually comes with one bigger burner for quick boiling or heating and a smaller burner for easy simmering in addition to the regular sized burners. You can even fit the largest stock pot without any hassle which makes recommending these sizes confidently an easy option.

Compilation of the Best 30″ and 36″ Induction Cooktops

Some of the best induction cooktops that meets the ideal size requirements of many standard kitchens are:

  • Bosch NIT5066UC 500 30″

bosch_cooktopWith unmatched features such as Speed Boost function, Overflow Detector, and Child Safety Lock features, this Bosh induction cooktop is an obvious favorite for many modern kitchens.


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Notable Safety Features

The perks of owning an induction cooktop does not just end with having multiple burners that allows you to control it easily and makes cooking fun, but it also comes with safety features too. To begin with, induction cooktops are already very safe when compared with electric and gas cooktops. This is because only the cooking area gets heated, not the whole surface and they cool down pretty easily too. There is no risk of fire as well since no open flame is involved with induction cooking. In addition to this, most of these cooktops also come with a warning indicator that alerts you when the surface is still hot to the touch. You also have child lock features that prevent accidental triggering by little children or pets. The surface area is relative safe against accidental burns, much safer than gas or electric cooktops that retain heat long after cooking is done.

Additional Perks

In addition to friendly sizing, these cooktops are sleek, efficient, and are mostly energy-efficient. It also passes on heat very effectively. Other cooktops such as gas or electric waste a lot of energy while transferring from the stove to the pot making the cooking process faster and energy consumption is almost halved when compared with electric cooktops. Modern homes sport these cooktops because they fit so snugly on to kitchen counters and add an effortlessly cool look to the kitchen décor without the hassle of getting gas connection. When you go for induction cooktops, you also get many additional features such as features that keep food warm, timer that switches off when the set time is done, alert when you have the wrong pot on, etc to name a few. Also, since there is no open flame involved with induction cooking, your cooking area gets relatively cooler too.

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