30″ and 36″ Gas Cooktops for Fully Functional Kitchens

Last modified on August 18th, 2021 at 5:17 pm

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Gas cooktops have been a wonderful cooking companion in many households for a long time now. This is not only because gas cooktops are familiar to us, but also because it serves its purpose well. With great response speed, supporting varied cooking options, easy maintenance, and easy controls, best rated gas cooktops are a sure comfort for a lot of people.

Unless you are going for a range, a 30″ gas cooktop or a gas cooktop 36 inch should be the ideal size for most kitchens. You need not be an expert cook or a chef to require 4 burners, or more, if you are serious about cooking. 30 inch cooktops will house at least 4 burners, so if you require extra burners for use or to fit the style of the kitchen, then 36 inches might be a better choice.

Best picks of gas cooktops of these two sizes are given below:

GE_CGP650SETSS_Café_36”This cooktop looks so sleek that it will be an absolute delight to see this cooktop grace our counter tops. The convertible griddle makes cooking breakfast easy as a breeze and it absolutely helps in keeping food warm long after the cooking is done. With a 20,000 BTU burner, all your small banquets and crowd cooking can be done with no hassle whatsoever and you can literally have a full course meal everyday with minimal efforts. This is definitely one of the best gas cooktop available in the market.

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GE had done an amazing job fitting 5 burners into a 30″ cooktop. Seriously! Mention must be made of the convertible griddle that we utterly love and with solid cast iron burners, this one is sure to last you for a long time. You can also save precious counter space without nay compromise on the luxury of cooking in a precision designed 5 burner cooktop. Aesthetically, sophisticated is the word.

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whirlpool-w3cg3014xs-30%22If you are on a budget and want a 4 burner cooktop that looks smart and functions amazingly well, then look no further. This Whirlpool cooktop is the right fit for you. With features such as automatic ignition, accusimmer, dishwashable parts, and sleek stainless steel finish, you will be extremely delighted to note that there are no shoddy parts in this cooktop. We say with confidence that for the price it comes with, you can never do better.

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4_Frigidaire_FFGC3015L_30Built with highly durable stainless, this cooktop works like a charm. The pilotless ignition and sealed burners make cooking on this cooktop a true delight. With four individual grates for easy maintenance, large pots have no trouble fitting side by side or back to back. The best part of this cooktop does not just end with owning it but lies on its super extensive warranty period of ten years on all major parts.

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Thermador_SGS365FS_36”Burner wise, this cooktop is the most unique of all because we are all accustomed to round burners, but this cooktop has a 5 pointed star shaped burner instead. This effectively eliminates cold spots and intensifies heating. We love the fuss-free controls and the huge central burner that comes with a whooping 16000 BTU. The continuous grates that it sports is another unique feature that allows pots and pans to glide through different burners efficiently and effortlessly.

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