Most Commendable 2 Burner Induction Cooktop Reviews in 2019

Unlike single burner or full-sized cooktop there are very less options available for 2 burner induction cooktop. The market is not big enough to attract big players. If we have too many choices it make us confused, but too less is nothing better.

Usually people who look for double burner induction cooktop includes people with small kitchen, people with small family members, travelers staying in a hostel, people furnishing their boats or RVs, people who needs extra burners, or those people who simple want to save space.

We all have different cooking needs. Most people settle for 4/5 burners cooktop, but for some people single or double burner cooktop suits them just fine.

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Counter Inset (Drop-in) or Countertop (Potable) Cooktop?

What is the difference? Countertop or portable induction cooktop are freestanding units with the flexibility of using it at any place you like where there is a power outlet. The advantage is its portability and the convenience to store it in the cabinet or some safe place when not in use. However, if portability is your priority you’d like to consider single burner induction cooktop which is much handier.

With the counter inset version, cooktops must be installed on the countertop and it remains fixed. They look more trendy and nice. It’s easier to clean too! We recommend drop-in cooktops if you plan to use your cooktop often at one place. If portability is your priority countertop cooktop should be your choice.

The Best 2 Burner Induction Cooktop – 1800W

True Induction TI-2B also known as True Induction S2F3 tops our list for the best double burner induction cooktop.  We love their products for its beautiful and ergonomic design, high quality glass-ceramic surface, simple control panel and innovative features. These are 1800W double induction cooktops, and they have both countertop and counter inset models.

If you have used a full-sized induction cooktop, do not compare a full-range cooktop with any portable cooktop for efficiency.  You’ll be disappointed. Portable cooktops are meant for group of people with different needs. Having said that, portable cooktops are still very efficient and powerful, it’s not just as efficient and powerful as full-sized cooktop.

Countertop and Counter inset models

True Induction cooktop TI-2C is a free standing only unit. If you want your cooktop at a fix cooking place you can opt for True Induction cooktop TI-2B model which is counter-inset/countertop unit.

Drop-in/Counter-inset cooktop looks sleeker and it’s easier to clean as experienced, and we recommend it over the countertop cooktop. The True Induction TI-2B model can be inset into your countertop and it can be portable too, to suit your needs.


The burners 1800 watts is a combine rating, using power sharing technology the two burners are allowed to split wattage energy efficiently.

So, when two burners are on, the maximum wattage is 900W on each side. The power sharing can be 50:50, 60:40, 70:30, 80:20, and 90:10. When you use only one burner you can get a maximum 1800W.

Design and Controls

The cooktop come with glass-ceramic surface that is smooth and easy to clean. We have experienced many cooktop surfaces that get corroded in a few months time. Note that using good quality cookware is also important to safeguard the cooktop’s surface.

True Induction cooktops have control panel that is practical and convenient. Too many control options doesn’t mean better user interface, and this cooktop proves that.

Top Features

  • Countertop and counter inset
  • Scratch-resistant ceramic glass
  • Risk-free 60 day trial satisfaction guarantee
  • Quick touch level selection
  • Automatic pan identification
  • Exact temperature settings
  • Timer setting
  • 2 years limited warranty

Product Specifications

  • 1800W of cooking power
  • Runs on standard 110V outlet
  • Temperature Range of 150°F – 450°F
  • Max run time of 150 Min
  • Base Measurements of 23 5/8″W x 14 1/8″L x 2.3″H
  • Top Measurements of 24 3/8″W x 14 15/16″L


You get 2 years of warranty for all True Induction cooktops. Moreover, True Induction is a reliable company with good customer service. After having tested some of the most popular 2 burner induction cooktops, we consider it as the best cooktop.

You’d also see that most of the Amazon user’s experiences are positive and is highly recommended. True Induction is also the choice for Winnebago RV manufacturers for their motor-homes kitchen installation.

True Induction TI-2C Cooktop, Double Burner, Energy Efficient

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The Best Double Burner Induction Cooktop – 3100W

If you want a full-sized cooktop cooking experience with portable cooktop, you have to lookout for cooktops with high heating capacity. We recommend K&H Domino 2 Burner Induction cooktop to serve this purpose.


K&H Domino 2 Burner Induction cooktop come with a total wattage output of 3100W. This cooktop is very powerful and you can cook real fast. Less cooking time would mean you’ll have more time to take care of your other needs. Again, like other 2 burner cooktops the wattage is split between the two burners.

Countertop or Counter inset

You have the convenience to use K&H Domino double burner cooktop as a free standing or a counter inset unit.

Controls and design

They have a very simple control panel with minimum control buttons and more cooking areas. There are 17 power levels which gives you precise control over cooking temperature. There are 9 power buttons on the cooktop, and each button has two power levels. The control buttons are located on the ride side end of the cooktop. The design is unique and simple to use.

The cooktop surface is made of scratch-resistant ceramic glass. It’s easy to clean the sturdy surface of the cooktop. It also has removable rubber feet for better grip on the countertop if you use it as portable cooktop.


  • Sensor touch control with digital display
  • Countertop and counter inset
  • Scratch-resistant ceramic glass
  • Overheating protection
  • Automatic pan identification
  • Automatic security disconnection in case of liquid overflow
  • 17 Power level per cooking zone
  • Digital timer
  • Child lock
  • 1 year limited warranty

Product Specifications

  • 3100W of cooking power
  • Rating voltage: 208-240V (2x 110V), 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions, Weight: 20.1″ x 11.6″ x 3″; 9.3 lb


This K&H Domino double burner cooktop is loaded with features that quite resemble a full-sized cooktop. The burners are very powerful for a portable cooktop. This cooktop is an ideal choice for those who want to cook their meals fast and easy.

This is the best 220V 2 burner in the present market. You can check price or read Amazon’s customer reviews here.

K&H Domino 2 Burner Induction Ceramic Cooktop 220V INDV-3102

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What We Look for in a 2 Burner Induction Cooktop

Each double burner cooktop we reviewed here are checked for the following things:

  • Heating capacity
  • Burners
  • Controls for smooth and efficient operations
  • Innovative Features
  • Design and material used

Heating Capacity

The total wattage output of an induction cooktop shows how much power you can expect from the two burners. Most 120v rated cooktop can only provide a max power of 1800W which is split between the two burners when both burners are in use. You can’t expect 1800W on both the burners simultaneously from 1800W unit.

Unlike 4 or 5 burners cooktop that usually have different max power output, both burners will have the same max wattage output. In the case of a single burner cooktop, the max wattage is 1800W but for a 2 burner cooktop you get split wattage when both burners are in use.

There are some 2 burner induction cooktops that offers more than 1800W but with a voltage rating of 208 – 240V. If you want to cook your meal fast, keep an eye for the total power output of your cooktop.


Generally, the cooking area, the burner size, is about 6 – 7 inches in diameter which can accommodate pan and pots with bottom diameter between 5 – 11 inches. Mostly the burners are uniform in size but some offers different sizes.

I won’t bother about having two difference burner sizes. It’s the overall size of the cooktop that matters to accommodate your pots and pans. The induction technology is such that it will transfer electrical energy to a given pots and pans size which is in contact with the burner, instead of heating up the entire burner.

Controls for smooth and efficient operations

We make sure that the controls are responsive. The controls with some cooktops are not easy to operate, unresponsive and not organized. Some cooktops have too many controls and they get too close around the cooking areas which become a problem when you use big pots and pans. We prefer cooktop with minimum controls. A clear display is also important.

Innovative Features

We keep an eye for the latest innovations and breakthroughs with induction technology. Good features can make your cooking experience easy and fun.

Design and Material Used

The size of the burners, the placement of the controls and the materials used – they all counts for your better cooking experience.