If you’re looking for ways to modernize your kitchen, our induction cooktop reviews here may help achieve your goal. Induction cooktops are one of the latest breakthrough in modern cooking technologies and is aptly called one of the most innovative appliances that you could install in your kitchen. Today’s high-tech kitchens are a far cry from the fallout shelters of the past and induction cooktops sit all flush amongst all these modern wares.

Conventional gas and electric stoves, without doubt, are still abundantly in use. However, they are steadily being replaced by an even more efficient, elegant, versatile, and responsive temperature-controlled version in the form of Induction cooktops. With no more worries about installing gas lines with gas stoves, or issues of temperature inconsistencies with electric cooktops, and not forgetting all the burned pots, food, and skin, Induction cooktops are becoming a very favored alternative.

Choosing the best Induction cooktop is much easier when you are well informed about the product, its functions, and availability.

Gas stoves heat the food indirectly by applying open flame or a hot surface at the bottom of the cookware, whereas Induction cooktops uses electromagnetism to cut out the middleman and heat the cookware itself. With induction cooking, the result is more evenly heated food, a cooler cooktop, and an overall cooler cooking environment. It’s much safer and champions increased energy efficiency because less energy is wasted by not heating up the air around the pot, as is the case with gas or electric cooking.

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List of Our Best Induction Cooktop and Reviews – 2016

For your convenience, we have done in-depth Research, gone through various Reviews and Feedbacks from end users and consumers. We have also looked into various resourceful and reliable Consumer Reports and many Highly Rated Brands that are readily available in the market. We also personally use these cooktops so that our reviews are unbiased and also have a dedicated set of authentic users that contribute to the reviews.

As per our research and findings, listed below are the Brands & Models in three categories size-wise that we highly recommend if you are looking for the best and the most efficient Induction Cooktop. We hope that your search for the right cooktop ends here. Click on the lists of category below to expand and read review.


There invariably is high contention for the best slot in 30″ and 36″ induction cooktops because size wise, it is ideal for many kitchens. If you are scouting for cooktops that enables you to do a lot of multi tasking and heats food up fast enough to prepare a small banquet, then you will naturally have to go for a cooktop with 4 or 5 burners. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. To get the ultimate best for your needs, just having a cooktop with 4 or 5 burners is not going to be the straight-out solution.

What kind of cooktop do you place your bets on then? You invariably need something that can perform its core function well—cook. Cooktops with lots of bells and whistles sound incredibly awesome and fancy, not to mention appealing, but do not be carried away. It is true that features are what makes a cooktop friendly for use, and is something that you need to focus on to get the ultimate hassle-free cooking experience. However, focus on the heating capabilities of the cooktops first. The heat on the upper high should go very high for cooking large amounts of food swiftly and the lower end should be low enough to leisurely simmer delicate savories. Once you find a cooktop with satisfactory heating options, check how responsive the cooktop is to the controls. Generally, heat changes in good cooktops are instantaneous which prevents lots of burnt or overcooked food incidents.

The next thing you should focus on is how sturdy the stands of the cooktop are. If you are going to install it into a counter top, then this may not be that big an issue but otherwise, ensure that the stands are very stable. Unstable stands do not last long, especially if you are going to do a lot of heavy cooking. Once you have these basic requirements covered, then it is time to focus on aesthetics and other features. While it is impossible to state which finish is the best, it is advisable to go for something that is easy to clean and fits your home décor too. Depending on your budget, knock yourself out on the features that appeal to you.

Our Pick: Bosch NIT5066UC 500 30″

best_Induction_ cooktop_bosch_nit5066ucOur pick of the best cooktop in this category is the 30 inched Bosch NIT5066UC 500. This cooktop has excellent heat consistency, cooks amazingly fast, simmers instantaneously, and its housing looks absolutely classy and sits all flush on the kitchen counter  and will greatly add to the modern look of your kitchen. We also love the fact that this cooktop comes with to-die-for features such as the individual-burner timer program that you can set for each of the burners for cooking different dishes with minimal assistance, comes with an incredible speed boost function that boils water at twice the speed, and has the ever fancy Child Lock function. This elegant piece is something that we all would love to install in our kitchens without a second thought. Whether be it dishing out food for a small crowd or cooking for an intimate meal for two, this cooktop has you all set.



Have you ever speculated why your 2 bedroom apartment with a small kitchen has a jam-packed 4 or 5 burner cooktop with literally really tiny counter space? Do you even use more than two burners for day-to-day cooking? Well, won’t it make so much more sense to install a double burner cooktop and then have more counter space? It’s true that some people naturally gravitate more towards cooking and may have 4 or 5 burners, but not everyone needs such a big cooktop. If you are someone who doesn’t do all that much cooking or is a fan of one main dish a meal, then a double burner cooktop may just be what you need. If saving space or maximizing it is your key focus, then a two burner induction cooktop is clearly going to be your saviour.

It’s true that one does not have the luxury of multiple burners when preparing dishes in a two burner cooktop, but that need not be an issue at all, especially since induction cooktops are incredibly competent with focused heating. Here are a few things to look out for while choosing your cooktop. Since a double burner induction cooktop is inherently smaller than their 30 or 36 inched counterparts, ensure that the burners are not too closely located. In the effort to save space, you may end up with a cooktop that can accommodate only one big pot at a time or with two smaller pots touching each other as you cook. It also helps to have one burner bigger than the other for quick heating as well as for bigger pots. Keep an eye out for easy control layout and responsive controls too.

Double burner induction cooktops are predominantly in style for installation in holiday homes such as cabins or a lake house. A few people even install two burner induction cooktops beside their gas range to get the best of both worlds.

Our Pick: True Induction Double Burner Cooktop


true_induction_2_burner_cooktopThe up-to-date innovation of the True Induction double burner cooktop is in high demand by many homemakers due to its efficiency. It is energy efficient and safe which distinguishes this cooktop from others. Compactly built, some even consider this cooktop as portable. Heat distributes so evenly that you never have to worry about burnt corners or cold spots and as per our experience, this is the best double burner induction cooktop in the market today.

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Why have single burner induction cooktops become such a hit? If you are looking for the best single burner induction cooktop and have landed on this page looking for it, then I am sure you have heard many a good thing about it and even have experienced the goodness of it. Yes, it is ideal for use on the go, perfect for patio and backyards and even indoors. You can also be assured that you can cook a wide variety of dishes without any setbacks because of the cooktop which makes it even more well-liked. Because of this popularity, the market is flooding with thousands of single burner induction cooktops too. How then do you find the perfect one for you? What features and categories do you look out for? We simplify it for you here.

First of all, a good single burner cooktop supports portability. It is neither too heavy nor too bulky and you should be able to lift it easily without much effort. Secondly, a good single burner induction cooktop has high heating capacity on the high end; many cooktops lack in this category. A cooktop that can deliver fast cooked food is necessary because one may need to cook more than one dish and waiting for one item to be done is cumbersome if the heat is too less and takes up way too much time. Finally, a cooktop that cools down fast is another important category. Since people usually put these cooktops away after use, it is ideal that the cooling period is relatively short. Additional features such as pan sensors, overheat detector, easy controls, relatively long power cord, and easy maintenance are areas that you can keep an eye on.

Max Burton 6200

Max_Burton_6200With features such as in-line fuse and over-heat sensor, this cooktop is very portable as well as a good fit for patios and outdoor use. With a clear LED display, you are in-charge of your cooking. The 10 different temperature settings options makes cooking various dishes a very viable option and the solid stand caters for a fuss-free cooking experience. If an efficient single burner induction cooktop is what you are looking for, this one could definitely be the right candidate.

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Do our best picks not quite fit your requirements? Well, nothing to worry about. We have a huge list of reviewed cooktops that you can check out and select from below:

  • Nuwave PIC2

    Nuwave_PIC2The Hottest selling Induction Cooktop from Nuwave is Model No. PIC 2. The most interesting and preferred features of this Cooktop is the Programmable Memory of up to 100 hours coupled with 52 different temperature settings. The rounded design of the cooktop not only saves a lot of counter space, but makes it light and extremely portable too.

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  • Nesco PIC-14

nesco_pic-14_portable_induction_cooktopMost quality Induction cooktops doesn’t come cheap. Nesco PIC-14 is reasonably priced, very efficient and an ideal portable cooktop for home, office or any outdoor use. It may not be an idea choice for preparing big meals but this cooktop is likely to beat most competitors in the single burner category for price, quality, and performance.

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gowise_glass_cooktopKey features of this cooktop include efficient and friendly controls. The heating variation of this cooktop ranges from 800 Watts to a whooping 1800 Watts.

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  • Ivation 1800 Watt Cooktop

Ivation_1800_WattUnlike most portable induction cooktops this one has a really quiet fan that barely makes any noise. Twenty different temperature settings coupled with lock system and other safety measures make this cooktop unique.

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  • Fagor America Portable Cooktop

Many people use this cooktop for its ultra portability and great energy consuFagor_America_670041900mption power that uses up around 90% of the total energy you provide. With wastage as little as 10%, you will save a lot on your electric bills. The cooking area cools down instantaneously and you are free from heating hazards.

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  • Rosewill’s 1800-Watt Induction cooktop

Rosewill_1800-Watt_02This cooktop is particularly famous for the five pre-determined settings that you can just pick from. Especially good for amateur cooks, it even comes with a beautiful stainless steel pot.

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  • Micro Induction Cooktop

micro_induction_cooktopIf you are looking for a cheaper single burner cooktop, this one might be a good fit. With many features including alerting you when you have the wrong pan on, it is quite handy.

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  • Max Burton 6200

1800W_Max_Buton_6200_cooktopWith features such as in-line fuse and over-heat sensor, this cooktop is very portable as well as a good fit for patios and outdoor use.

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Concerns About Cookware

With induction cooktops, there ultimately is the talk about what cookware to use. The hue and cry over induction-compatible cookware is not all that complicated an issue in reality. If you look around your kitchen, you will realize that you have at least a few stainless steel cookware. In addition, anything cast-iron works perfectly well even if they are non-stick coated. Most good quality cookwares are cast-iron, unless they are ceramic. Armed with these cookwares, you do not have to start buying all your cookware from scratch or throw away those lovely stainless steel set because they are indeed compatible with induction cooktops. In any case, the simple magnet test will help you in deciding whether your current cookwares are compatible or not. Just stick a fridge magnet to the bottom of your pots, if they stick, your pots are good to go. If you are going to invest on a whole new collection, this cookware buying guide can be of assistance to you.

To quench the curious part of you about more intricate details, you can also take a look at the science behind how induction cooktops operate and how to maintain them to keep them pristine new for a long, long time here. For any queries or confusion about induction cooktops, we have answers for you in our compiled FAQ section here.