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WARING SB30 1300 Watt Review: Best Portable Single Burner

[ilink url=”” style=”tick”]AMAZON DISCOUNT LINK[/ilink] Choosing the right cooktop is very important. Depending on the type of food we cook, we have certain needs and desires about the way our [ … ]

WARING DB60 Double Burner Cooktop: The One Piece for Smarter Homes

[ilink url=”″ style=”tick”]AMAZON DISCOUNT LINK[/ilink] It seems as if cooktop designers treat small kitchens like the red headed stepchild in cooktop world. We do not see many compact, well-designed cooktops [ … ]

Review on Top Selling Broil King CSR–3TB Electric Cooktop

[ilink url=”” style=”tick”]AMAZON DISCOUNT LINK[/ilink] With advancing technology, electric cooktops are featuring ever more innovative designs. The Broil King Professional Hi-Power Burner Hot plate comes in a sturdy built stainless [ … ]