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Before you decide on your favorite gas cooktop with griddle know that we have limited choices in one store, if that’s how you’re deciding. It’s always a good idea to visit some stores, backing with online researches before you buy one.

Branded Gas cooktops are pricey and we all expect a good quality griddle to be included which is not always the case. So, we went on a hunting spree for such high quality cooktops with griddle and have picked 3 cooktops for the sizes of 30″ and 36″ gas cooktop.

The deciding factors we choose to pick these cooktops are quality, performance and price. You get what you pay for, but again not always. We’ve decided that GE CGP9536SLSS 36″ is the best gas cooktop on the market with the best griddle. Griddle is not just an accessory for many of us, people like us use griddle to the core. Most of my breakfast items such as eggs, pancakes, bacon, French toast, cheese sandwich, etc are not possible without griddle or grill.

Another important factor to consider for a good grilling experience is the heating capacity of the burner. The more powerful and versatile the burners are the better experience your grilling experience will be.

GE Cafe CGP9536SLSS 36 inch Gas Cooktop with Griddle, our #1 pick


GE Cafe CGP9536SLSS is our best pick for 36 inch gas cooktop with griddle, no other cooktop in 36 inch matches its quality, durability and size. There is no fun in owing a griddle that is too small for your family needs. This is what happens with most griddles and grills that are included along with cooktops.

The iron-cast griddle covers the entire left rear and front burners giving ample space for cooking areas. It’s heavy, easy to cook and stylish. Its overall size suits very well with the cooktop and it’s big enough to cook a complete meal. Check out this cooktop on Amazon.

GE Cafe CGP650SETSS 36″ Gas Cooktop, our #2 pick

This cooktop from GE Café Series Appliances is not the most expensive gas cooktop out there but offers excellent features. The cooktop comes with 20,000 BTU central Burner that distinguish it from other cooktops of its size. It includes cast-iron griddle with specialized burner control meant for the griddle. You’re advised to use this griddle only with griddle control.

The burners are strategically located to give even heating for the griddle.  It is meant to be positioned on the left front and rear burners. The griddle is made of Lodge and ensures optimum quality. Check on Amazon for the latest pricing of this cooktop.

Frigidaire Professional FPGC3077RS 30 inch Gas Cooktop, our #3 pick

This is a very stylish and ergonomically designed 30 inch gas cooktop with 5 burners. This cooktop looks like a 36 inch cooktop with powerful burners. In addition, you also get a nice big griddle which is reversible. With the PowerPlus burner heating up the griddle takes less than 2 minutes. If you’re in a hurry for breakfast you can count on it. If you buy only this griddle of similar quality on the market, you’ll pay nothing less than $100. Click here to checkout this cooktop.


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